Holiday to Turkey: Turkish Riviera or Aegean, Which Place to Choose?

Turkish Riviera

Turkey is a country full of sun, monuments, beaches and amazing places. You can really forget the whole world here. Undoubtedly, the most frequently chosen destinations in this part of the world are the Turkish Riviera and the Aegean Riviera. Which is the best place to choose for a dream vacation in Turkey ? Each destination tempts with slightly different attractions and encourages you to spend your holiday in this part of Turkey and be enchanted.

Turkish Riviera – Attractions and magical corners

The Turkish Riviera is primarily a hot climate, wide beaches and monuments from ancient times. The most impressive buildings, full of detail, beauty and panic were created here by Hellenes. The most popular destination in this part of Turkey is Alanya, although this stunning city is just the beginning of the attractions that await in the region. Many hotels, beaches and various attractions.

Turkish Riviera

Next to the city, there is the Damlatas cave, which pleases with its interior. Many stalagmites and stalactites await visitors here, and the air in them has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. It’s also worth going to Cleopatra Beach, where clear, sparkling water spills out. You can practice various water sports here, and most importantly, diving.

Koprulu Gorge, a national park covering 360 square kilometers, is also a scenic spot. Beautiful scenery, beautiful nature full of trees and the possibility to observe and take part in rafting trips make it impossible to get bored here, and apart from that you can really relax, feel the adrenaline and have fun.

On the Turkish Riviera you can also see the famous Iztuzu beach, or turtle beach. This is where the loggerhead turtles, which are still threatened with extinction, hatch their young. Therefore, some parts of the beach should not be used during this process to protect these unusual animals and their young.

The Turkish Riviera also has many monuments, such as an amphitheater, temples and baths. It is worth seeing the ruins of Sardis which is located about 160 kilometers from the city of Kusadasi, or visiting Side and visiting the temple of Apollo. As for the final destination, it is also driven by its location – by the sea, in a beautiful place.

For relaxation, it’s hard to avoid the hot springs nestled among the ruins of the city of Herapolis and near the cliffs of Pamukkale. After sightseeing, it is worth immersing yourself in it to experience its beneficial properties. Relaxation, natural beauty and proximity to ancient remains make this place truly special.

Aegean Riviera and its stunning angles

The Aegean Riviera currently occupies the former territory of Lycia and Ancient Greece. Here you can relax on beautiful beaches, beautiful beaches, in charming villages, or visit the monuments that await here. This is the perfect place to try various water sports and learn about the history of the area.

Aegean Riviera

One of the must-visit cities that is undoubtedly perfect for a wonderful holiday is Ephesus. Apparently, according to legend, its founder was an Amazonian. There are ruins among the hills, the famous Library of Celsus, the Gate of Hercules, or the Temple of Artemis. The latter is one of the seven wonders of the world. We recommend visiting Ephesus in the late afternoon, as in the morning you can expect crowds in many places.


Last minute holidays are sure to be a success in Selçuk. The city is tantalizing with the great ruins of St. Petersburg. John and the castle ruins. The same goes for the charming village of Sirince. It is a haven for foodies who love to try local produce, as well as for those who can admire local architecture.

The Aegean Riviera is also a metropolis like Miletus or Troy, and is very popular with wealthy tourists – Bodrum. Miletus and Troy, above all, are ruins, and in Bodrum you can admire the beautiful view, the Castle of St. Peter, and museums. Of course, there is much more to see in all of these destinations.

You can also spend time in an interesting way in Izmir, where there is a large port, bay and beautiful old town – Konak. The latter invites you to see the Velveteen Castle inside – Kadifekale, which dates back to the 4th century, Konak Square, and the Kemeralti bazaar. Izmir also has many museums, gardens and small mosques that have been beautifully decorated with ceramics. In addition, there are hot springs waiting for visitors here, which may have helped the Troy warriors to recover.

When to go to Turkey depends on which place and destination to choose for your vacation?

The Turkish Riviera is undoubtedly a more famous place than the Aegean Sea, although the latter region seems to be more beautiful and diverse in terms of natural wealth. However, in each of them you can find beautiful monuments and beautiful beaches. In fact, it’s worth seeing both and taking the time to really visit them, enjoying their beauty and discovering the treasures that await in each area.

The Turkish Riviera has a Mediterranean climate. It is best to come here for a vacation from May to October. Hot weather and temperatures above 30 degrees are forecast here in July. On the Aegean Riviera, the hottest months are July, August and September. In June, the temperature here has reached 24 degrees, as well as in September.