How are Cancers Zodiac? 7 Personality Traits

The meaning of the horoscope is very important in our lives: it helps us to frame our energies and to understand the why of many things.

Cancer is one of the most complex signs of the Zodiac, because their personality is made up of incompatible characteristics, as you will see here:

How are Cancers? 7 characteristics of their personality

Generally, Cancerians possess the following characteristics:

– Affection and sympathy:

People of this sign are full of positive feelings. Humility and love are the basis of their values, although this can sometimes be more of a problem than an advantage: despite their great intelligence, their feelings are always more valuable in decision-making.

– Family lovers

All those who belong to the sign of Cancer are by nature homebodies. They love group activities, love nature and children, love their family and their home.

Their home is their comfort zone; they are very protective of their homes and loved ones. And that gives them one of their most important characteristics: they are very loyal.

– Tendency to bad mood

Their great flaw (and those who know this sign of the horoscope know that this trait is very characteristic) is their bad mood, which does not come from whims, quite the contrary: this sign has so many qualities that not all of them can be compatible.

Cancer people are intelligent and very caring, they are extremely analytical and have an incredible memory… so they don’t overlook details they don’t like. But thanks to their big heart, they forgive easily: they are not resentful people. But they are quickly disturbed.

Their bad mood comes from the fact that they easily change their state of mind, they are very sensitive people. They love to be right and don’t like to be contradicted.

– Emotionally disordered

This is also one of the reasons for their bad mood. Cancer men and women have a tendency towards emotional disorder, a typical trait of all bright minds.

Their emotional and intellectual side puts them in this position: they often feel inferior, even when this is not the case, and can feel constantly targeted (even for imaginary causes).

– Born artists

An additional characteristic of people of this sign is that they adore the artistic world: music, painting, literature, cinema and theater.

They can become excellent critics thanks to their intelligence. They have a powerful creative and innovative spirit, full of imagination. Not to mention their incredible memory.

– caring lovers

Because of their big heart and their particularly loyal character, people under the Cancer sign are very selective: they know very well that not everyone is compatible with them and that’s where their intelligence comes out. They meticulously seek a partner who will be able to understand them well.

– Success and Achievement

Cancerians triumph with ease in any type of profession. But it is not only due to their intelligence: they are also persistent and once they start a task, they devote themselves entirely to it, to achieve it as well as possible.

The characteristics of their personality mean that they have possible vocations at different levels: their love for children and the importance they attach to the family are perfectly suited to the field of health, for example paediatrics.

Their great loyalty is a sign of patriotism and they can be very effective politicians.

On the other hand, their artistic qualities can make them good actors, musicians, painters or even critics (as we mentioned).