How can I use my Android as a speaker for my PC?

How to use cell phone as speaker on PC?

It is possible to use any smartphone with Android as a wireless speaker for the notebook, transmitting all the audio that should be being played by the PC to the speaker built into the cell phone. To do this, just use a free solution called SoundWire.

How does SoundWire work?

Through the Wi-Fi network, the application transmits the audio from the PC to the phone and makes it a means of listening to music from the computer without the help of wires. Setup is simple: just install the app on your phone and the server on your computer and everything starts working at the touch of a button.

How to use cell phone as PC iPhone speaker?

To use Airfoil, download the transmitter app for Mac or Windows and then download the Airfoil Satellite mentioned above to where you would like to play the sound. Here, I downloaded it on iPhone. Open both on the same network and let the app do its magic.

How to change the phone’s audio output?

By default, pressing the volume control modifies the volume of the active audio stream. If the app is not playing, pressing the volume keys adjusts the music volume (or ringer volume in versions earlier than Android 9).

How to de-lag SoundWire audio?

Finally, to avoid audio delay, you can adjust the buffer size in the application settings. Tap the SoundWire menu, tap the “Settings” option and set the “Audio Buffer Size” to 8K.

Why is my cell phone not making sound?

In some cases, the speakers may be dirty or with an object interfering with the sound output. Therefore, check these outlets and, if necessary, clean them with a small, soft brush or other object that will not damage the device. A poorly positioned cap can also interfere with the transmission.

How to unclog the sound output of the cell phone?

How to remove water from cell phone speaker

  1. Take the device out of silent mode,
  2. Click on “Settings” and turn up the “Media” volume (volume you adjust while watching videos and listening to music),
  3. Open the browser and go to the Fix My Speakers website,
  4. Turn on the sound and play it until the water comes out of the speakers.

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How to enable audio?

In Control Panel, there are default playback device settings that you may need to adjust.

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Click Hardware and Sound.
  3. Click on Som.
  4. Right-click Default Playback Device and click Properties.
  5. Click on the Advanced tab.

How to activate the cell phone sound?

Turn on vibration or turn off sound

  1. To re-enable your smartphone ringtone or sound, turn off the Vibrate or Mute option.
  2. To silence the smartphone ringer when receiving a call, press a volume button.

Why does WhatsApp audio sound not work?

It is possible that the volume of the output you are using for playback is too low. If your screen is dimming and you are not hearing the message through the speaker, it is possible that you have activated the proximity sensor with your finger or another part of your hand. Please try to change your hand.

How to turn on TV sound?

Auto Volume – How to activate

  1. Enter your TV’s Menu. Press the menu key on your controller. …
  2. In the menu, enter the Sound option. …
  3. Enter Speaker Setup option. …
  4. Enter the Auto Volume option. …
  5. Activate by selecting the desired option.

How to return the sound of the Motorola cell phone?

To adjust the media, alarm or ringtone volume

  1. Tap Apps.
  2. Tap Configure. Tap Sound & Notification.
  3. Tap Apps.
  4. Tap Configure. Tap Sound & Notification. Tap Default Notification Ringtone and make your desired selection.

How to activate WhatsApp call sound?


  1. Open WhatsApp and tap the menu button located in the upper right corner,
  2. Tap Settings and then enter Notifications,
  3. Below Message Notifications, you have several options: …
  4. Tap Notification sound and choose the sound you prefer.

What is ringer volume on mobile?

Media volume: music, videos, games and other media. Call volume: volume of the other person during a call. Ringer volume: phone calls, notifications. Alarm volume.

How much does it cost to fix the cell phone sound?

The cost may vary depending on the phone model, region and type of problem. The reason why the speaker of the Samsung cell phone broke may vary from case to case. If it is a simpler problem, the value can vary between R$25 and R$50.

How to increase the volume of the cell phone at the time of the call?

Method 1. Make sure your phone volume is at the highest level during a voice call. When on a call, press the volume key to increase the call volume. Note: You can only adjust the call volume during a call.

What to do when the cell phone speaker bursts?

Dip the cotton in alcohol and place it on the toothpick and pass it through the gaps in the cell phone speaker grid, and in its cavities. But if you can’t get a cell phone speaker at home, you can send it to AKIRATEK.

Why can’t I hear people calling me?

Check first that you cannot hear the voice on the other end of the line. Make sure nothing is covering your phone’s speaker or microphone. A misplaced screen protector or case is one of the most common causes of sound distortion during calls.

How much does it cost to fix a Samsung phone speaker?

In most cases, the cost to repair the Samsung cell phone speaker is in the range of 25 to 50 reais.