How do I connect my Fitpro watch to my Android phone?

What to do when the smartwatch does not connect to the cell phone?

  1. If the screen is dimmed, tap it to activate the clock.
  2. Swipe from top to bottom on the screen.
  3. Tap Settings. On some watches, you need to swipe left to see this option.
  4. Tap System.
  5. Scroll down and tap Restart Done.
  6. Reinicie o smartphone Android.

Which app to use instead of FitPro?

Google Fit (Android | iOS) and Strava (Android | iOS) are some of the alternatives that can be connected.

How to connect FitPro watch on Android phone?

Make sure bluetooth is active on your smartwatch, just go to the settings menu or look for the bluetooth icon. Many watches already come with active bluetooth, while others need to activate manually, consult your smartwatch manual. Done, confirm and the pairing is complete.

How to connect LH716 watch?

Connecting the Smartwatch to a Smartphone

  1. Press the power button on the side of the watch to turn it on. …
  2. The watch is now ready to pair with your mobile device.
  3. On your Smartphone, install the “Android Wear” app[…[…
  4. Open the Android Wear app and tap on the “Turn on Bluetooth” option.

How to turn on Smartwatch LH719?

How to connect the LH719 smartband with the cell phone?

  1. Activate your mobile’s bluetooth, go to this Play Store page and click Install to download the FitPro app.
  2. After installation, open the application and authorize all requests for permissions that appear on the screen.

How to make Smartwatch work?

Download the app for iOS or Android. Activate Bluetooth. Turn on the smartwatch. In the Wear OS app, you will get a message to start syncing.

What are the functions of the Smart Bracelet?

It supports 3 exercise modes including cycling, running, climbing. Fitness monitoring supports the most accurate heart rate, distance, weather, speed, calories, sleep monitoring, sedentary, call, alarm, calendar, alarm clock, check phone and more.

Which smartwatch doesn’t need a cell phone?

5 smartwatches that make calls without needing a cell phone

  • KOSPET Prime smartwatch. With advanced battery capacity, this smartwatch features 4G technology and face unlock. …
  • Smartwatch KingWear KW88 Pro. …
  • Smartwatch Kospet Optimus Pro. …
  • Smartwatch King Wear GT88. …
  • Smartwatch Kospet Hope.

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What makes a smart watch?

The smartwatch works through a Bluetooth connection, connecting the device to the cell phone and to an application where you control all the functions and activities you prefer. The watch runs on battery power and, when it runs out, it needs to be recharged properly.

What does the D20 watch do?

The Smartwatch D20 watch has several functions for your everyday life. Heart rate monitor or pedometer to help you live a healthy life. … – History message storage – Call reminder – Watch alarm – APC health measurement: heart rate, blood pressure, measurement.

What is the best value for money smartwatch 2020?

From R$150 to R$2,700: discover 10 cost-effective smartwatches

  • IWO 12 Lite. IWO 12 Lite Photo: Disclosure. …
  • Xiaomi Amazfit GTR. Xiaomi Amazfit GTR Photo: Disclosure. …
  • Huawei Watch GT. Huawei Watch GT Photo: Disclosure. …
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. …
  • Xiaomi Mi Band 5. …
  • Xiaomi Amazfit GTS. …
  • Xiaomi Amazfit Bip. …
  • IWO 8.

Which smartwatch works away from the cell phone?

If you enjoy physical exercise and are looking for a good smartwatch that is not too expensive, the Amazfit GTS is the right choice! It already has a built-in GPS, so you can record your running and hiking route without relying on your cell phone.

Can you use the smartwatch away from the cell phone?

If your cell phone is charging in another room, for example, how far can you walk around your house without the devices disconnecting? According to Apple itself, the limit of the Bluetooth connection distance between the iPhone and Apple Watch is up to 100 feet, that is, around 30.5 meters.

Which smartwatch watch is good and cheap?

The 12 best cheap smartwatches to buy in 2022

  • Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite: best good and cheap smartwatch with GPS. …
  • Xiaomi Mi Watch best value for money smartwatch. …
  • Amazfit GTR 2e: good value for money smartwatch. …
  • Huawei Watch Fit: price-quality smartwatch with GPS. …
  • Huawei Watch GT: most stylish cost-effective smartwatch.

What is the best selling smartwatch?

Best-selling smartwatches of April 2021: Apple Watch 3 on…

  • Smartwatch Apple Watch Series 3 38,0 mm. …
  • Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. …
  • Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 LTE SM-R835F. …
  • Smartwatch Imported D13. …
  • Smartwatch Xiaomi Amazfit GTS. …
  • Smartwatch Xiaomi Amazfit GTS. …
  • Smartwatch Apple Watch Series 6.

What is the best smartwatch for physical activity?

The Xiaomi Amazfit GTS Smartwatch has Bluetooth and Integrated GPS, as well as a calendar, heart monitor and alarm. Perfect for those who practice running, swimming, cycling and more. This Xiaomi smart watch has a series of functions in addition to those aimed at the practice of physical exercises.

Which smartwatch to buy 2021?

Below, check out the best smartwatches of 2021:

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.
  • B57 Hero Band 3.
  • Xiaomi Amazfit GTS.
  • Smartwatch P80.
  • Smartband Xiaomi Mi Band 5.
  • Garmin Forerunner 245.
  • Smartwatch Champion.
  • Apple Watch Series 3.

What is the best value for money smartwatch?

Best smartwatches 2022

Samsung Galaxy WatchBest smartwatch overall
Apple Watch Series 3Apple cost benefit
Huawei GT2Another great option
Xiaomi Amazfit GTSBest value for money
Xiaomi Amazfit GTRtraditional clock style