How much does a basketball weigh and measure?

The rules of the various sports federations concerning the measurements and weight of all objects involved in the practice of a sport are usually very strict. They are particularly so, as one can imagine, for regulatory balloons for each activity.

So, for example, in football, a ball must weigh between 410 and 450 grams and be between 68 and 70 cm in circumference. But, how much should a basketball measure and weigh?

For a ball to be legal, it must have a whole series of characteristics. First, it must be completely round, with a circumference of 68 to 75 cm, approximately and a diameter of 23 or 24 cm. Its weight, when to him, must be between 567 and 650 grams. It must also have a rubber layer and, on the outside, be covered with leather or plastic fiber.

As a general rule, official footballs will be made of leather, to facilitate the grip of the players. Finally, when dropped from 1.80 meters, the inflated balloon must be able to bounce up to a height of 1.20 or 1.40 meters.

Particular and illustrious brands are responsible for designing the balls of each federationsince each of them has its unique and personalized particularities: color, texture, lines…