How to dress to look taller

The clothes you have in your wardrobes can help you gain a few inches and look much more stylish.

For people of short stature, the idea of ​​visually gaining a few centimeters by using one of the most powerful tools at our disposal, clothing, can be quite attractive. Thanks to fashion, your figure can look slimmer and more stylish. To do this, you just need to know how to use and combine the clothes that are already in your wardrobes. If you want to look taller, keep reading: we’ll reveal how to do it.

Tips to look taller

Bet on a look with a single color. When you choose monochromatic clothes, you create a very powerful effect of verticality, and the silhouette seems taller. You can choose the color you want but, if you go for black, as you probably know, this color will stylize your body even more and go well with everything. If you don’t have clothes of the exact same color, the visual effect can still work, as long as the clothes are of the same color range (or intensity).

Wear vertical lines. One of the best-known “tricks” to look taller is to wear clothes printed with vertical lines; the narrower these lines are, the slimmer you will look. Enhance your figure with dresses, tops or pants with vertical stripes, as these decrease width and promote height.

Use tops with v-necklines. Anything that brings an impression of verticality to your clothing is welcome. That’s why tops with V-necklines are ideal for gaining height. Scarves and long necklaces can also amplify this effect.

The high waist is your ally. Luckily, high-waisted clothes are very trendy in current streetstyle, which is why you have to take advantage of them. If the waist of the pants or the skirt is higher, you will gain a few centimeters, especially on the level of the legs, because these will appear much longer. To combine the bottom and the top, opt for a thin blouse or a cropped top that will allow the bottom to be seen entirely.

Mini or maxi. To improve the verticality of the legs, the best thing is that there are visually as few cuts as possible at the level of the body. This means that the skirts or pants worn must be either short (at the level of the upper part of the legs) or long (the cut is at the lower level). In this way, we obtain an optical effect of unity, because what we see are either long legs or, if it is a long garment (maxi), a monochromatic effect.

Better to give preference to narrow belts. As we said, the less visual cuts in the body, the better. But if a visual cut is absolutely necessary, like a belt, for example, you will have to reduce its volume as much as possible and choose the thinnest you have. Thus, it will mark our size without increasing the horizontal effect.

Seek balance in clothing. Finding the right size clothes can also help you look taller. If your clothes are adjusted (but without tightening or boudinage), your silhouette will be much more stylish. When you buy new clothes, try them on and make sure they fit: don’t go one size bigger or smaller. It is not recommended to choose risky cuts like pirate pants or bermudas for the bottom, nor small boleros for the top.

Use your hair to gain a few inches. Similar to clothes, hairstyle is a very useful tool to look taller. If you want to leave your hair loose, it’s best if it comes to your shoulders or even a little shorter. If you tie them up, the best is that they stand out quite visibly, for example by means of a high tail or a bun on the top of the skull.

Opt for small accessories. If you are short and choose large accessories, the contrast will be greater and you will look smaller. This is why thinner and smaller accessories will allow you to give a more balanced image of your body. This especially applies to bags.

Choose your shoes carefully. Well-fitting shoes can be essential when it comes to visually gaining a few inches. The more your feet are visible, the longer your legs will appear and the taller you will look. Open sandals will increase this effect, as will flesh-colored shoes. If you are lucky enough to have pants and shoes of the same tone, do not hesitate to combine them because they will also elongate your silhouette.

Wear heels. Obviously, the star accessory of the height are the heels. But not all will have the same visual effect. Shoes with thin heels are the most recommended because they add verticality to the silhouette. Thicker heels will visually expand the feet and create the effect of horizontality.

What should be avoided?

Just as you can play with your clothes to look taller, you should be aware that these can also make you look shorter. It is better that you avoid certain details and certain combinations if you want to appear taller.

For example, and as we said before, it is better that the skirts and the pants are either short (shorts, mini skirts), or long. Mid-rise cuts shorten the legs. Also avoid loose clothing or horizontal stripes that widen the silhouette instead of bringing verticality. It is also dangerous to wear many layers, because if they are cut at different heights, your body will be segmented when what you must seek is a unity effect.

When it comes to hairstyle, remember that the more skin you show, the taller you will look. That’s why very long hair will make you look smaller: don’t hide behind bangs and take the opportunity to get that pixie cut you’ve always dreamed of.

Finally, avoid sandals with bands that are too thick and those that go up on the ankle. The former will make your feet look too big and the latter will create a cut-off effect that will make you look smaller.