How to know if a Taurus man likes me

Taurus is one of the signs whose origin goes back to the most remote times, already in Mesopotamia there was talk of this bull that represented the return to the earthly plane of everything divine. It is an Earth sign, which implies that those born in this element have their feet firmly on the ground and this leads to their most egocentric plane, the one that does not allow others to have a different vision of things than theirs. and they are capable of fighting to prevail. Despite this, it is somewhat shy and rather reserved peoplewith a certain slow tint when it comes to reasoning that needs speed, but it is nothing other than the depth with which they deal with all matters.

Taurus men

Men of an iron will, they are very firm in what they propose and very persistentIt is at the time of imposing their ideas, achieving with this that many follow them in this leadership and that many others take another path, not feeling that they can have an opinion on anything. Many times, by having thoughts with great depth, they lose that sense of the spontaneous, which can lead them to lose the opportunities that appear once and vanish, such as in the plane of love.

They they need things to be in their place which gives them a certain security and seeks to surround themselves with the type of people who can provide this, who protect them and lead them to be calm in the workplace, love and friendship. They value the latter very much, friends for Taurus are something invaluable, they do not like to be alone at all and are very sociable, so much so that they are always willing to organize parties and meetings where, although they are not the center of attention, they are watching continuously that the guests do not lack anything to have a good time.

How to know if a Taurus man likes me

The bullfights are men who don’t know how to live alone but that is not why they are going to fall in love with the first woman that crosses their path, this is the first thing that the girl who wants to conquer him should know. His ruling planet is Venus, so he will be a romantic from the first moment that love is planted in front of his door and this will be one of the first signs that he likes you. Just as he likes to treat his friends well at a party, he will seek to honor you with special things.

It will not be with expensive gifts, but with details that will surely have been thoroughly analyzed according to your tastes, to look good on you. Don’t expect it to be very spontaneous for what we already mentioned, but without a doubt that he will think things through before saying them and therefore you must have patience. He will never tell you the love he has for you in the early days, because it is not his way of acting, but you will know it by the little things he has in mind for you and that he will offer you little by little.