how to know if it’s a scam

Differences between the Bizum app and our bank's app

Bizum is a useful tool that we use every day to send or receive money of friends, family, colleagues. We can pay for gifts in half, organize dinners or trips together. But we must also be careful. For example, if you have received a Bizum from someone you don’t know… What should we do? How do we know if we are in danger?

If you have sold something online, it is likely that you will be paid through Bizum. Or if you have organized a gift with many people, for example. You receive money in your account in which the name of the sender is indicated. But if you don’t know him,what could have happened and what risks do we have if we see money that does not belong to us?

The first thing that we must be clear about when using Bizum is: beware of scams. It is very common for there to be users who request money from you instead of sending it to you. This generally occurs in items for sale on the Internet, scams on platforms such as Wallapop… That is why we must be very careful with any matter.

Differences between the Bizum app and our bank's app

I receive money in Bizum

Before knowing what to do if you have received money from another person, you should take into account several aspects of the service. Sending money through Bizum is instant. That is, they make the shipment and at the moment it appears in your account. You also have to take into account another thing: we cannot cancel the shipment. Once we’ve done it, there is no turning back and it has already been done and we cannot remedy it. Unless we contact that person or our bank.

What happens if I receive money from a person that I do not have in the agenda? What should I do? First of all, make sure that it is a shipment and not a request, thus avoiding that they can steal money from you without you noticing. Second, make sure that the notification you have received is a real notification from Bizum or your bank and that it is not an advertisement or scam that pretends to be the same.

Once we have verified that we have received a Bizum from a person I do not know, we do nothing. You cannot cancel or return it, so it is best to wait. The person who has made you the Bizum, especially if it is a significant amount of money and not two or three euros, They will contact you if they are wrong. And it will depend on you if you return it or not although, of course, the most civic and normal thing is that you do it if it is a mistake.

bug bizum

If the person does not contact you, what can you do? You can just ignore it, keeping the money until someone claims it. Or you can contact the number that sent it to you to find out what could have happened. That person may not be aware that it is an error and you will help them to solve it.

Could it be a scam? Generally not. They cannot scam you when it comes to receiving money through Bizum. You just have to notice that it is a notification that you have received it and not a request to ask you. If you confirm and check that everything is fine, it is not a scam but an error from someone who has entered the phone wrong. In any case, you can consult someone nearby with more skill if you have doubts before doing anything or touching any button.