How to know if my partner is tired of me, according to his sign

Some signals can help you find out if your partner’s love has run out or if their interest in you is still alive.

Zodiac signs often speak for themselves. So each sign will act in a certain way and their behavior can tell you that they were in love.

For this reason, you must pay attention to the signs that your partner sends you and, thus, find out if the time has come to move forward together or to become single again.

Find out if your partner is still interested in you based on their horoscope:


If you think there is no more love between you, here is the question you need to ask yourself: is your partner no longer interested in intimate relationships or is he making up excuses to Avoid them?

The fiery character of Aries is legendary and if he starts to find excuses at this level, it is probably that your relationship is in a bad way.

If there are no concrete causes (concern for a family or professional problem; illness or injury) you must begin to tell yourself that the interest and love of your Aries has begun to wane. The time has come to act with determination if you want to save your marriage.


If your partner changes his attitude, it could be a sign of love fatigue.

Taurus tend to be very sensual and tender, but also possessive. If your partner begins to cool down and change their attitude in intimacy, to “finish quickly” because he/she is in a hurry – which is rare with Taurus – it is because the red light of the danger is flashing and that weariness is watching your couple.

A Taurus will have a hard time admitting that they have lost interest and will invent a thousand explanations for not recognizing what is happening.


If there is a communication problem between you, it is a sign of fatigue in love.

Gemini, ruled by Mercury, is a very communicative, talkative and curious sign. Any change in attitude that involves involuntary estrangement and more time spent on social media instead of enjoying life together is suspect.

If this was not the case before and now, this attitude has become habitual, it is that something is wrong and that the time has come to take measures to prevent weariness from destroying your couple.


Here, the main sign of weariness is emotional estrangement.

Cancer is a very intuitive sign. His feelings are very intense and, even if he does not show them (because he hides his weaknesses behind a shell) he will tend to feel bad for a misplaced remark.

But as long as the flame of love remains latent, everything can work out. The problem is that this flame could be extinguished if Cancer feels relegated to the background. In this case, little by little, he will start to distance himself emotionally and if you do not act in time, the weariness could get the better of your relationship.

This sign is sensitive and intuitive, it realizes everything. That’s why, if he notices something he doesn’t like about his/her partner, he will start to become suspicious and change his attitude.


For Leo, indifference is a sign of weariness in love.

This sign’s arrogant personality constantly craves attention, and it’s easy to see when boredom begins to set in.

Although some of this sign’s most notable qualities are their generous heart, their magnanimity, and their admirable way of helping others, when their flaws begin to show, they tend to become extremely proud.

So, an indifferent, cold, evasive and distant attitude in those who, not long ago, were all fired up, intense and enthusiastic, is an obvious warning signal that can indicate several things, including love weariness. If so, you need to clear things up ASAP.


Sign of amorous weariness: sudden indifference.

Virgo is a very observant, meticulous, perceptive and critical sign. As a lover, he will always be attentive to what his partner will say or do, trying to correct what he considers wrongly done, according to his point of view, and to fix everything, from small domestic worries to family problems.

So a sudden change in attitude could be a sign that something is not working and a cycle of apathy or even disappointment and weariness has begun.


The loss of interest in the physical aspect of one’s partner is a clear sign of love fatigue.

It is an elegant sign by nature, which observes the way in which his/her partner expresses himself, dresses or takes care of his hands, as well as his physical appearance and everything concerning his image.

When someone no longer interests him, he can adopt two different behaviors: either he becomes ironic and sarcastic, making fun of his partner’s appearance, or he is indifferent to it.

Any change in attitude should seem suspicious to you, as it may be a sign of weariness or loss of interest in sex.


Sign of love fatigue: loss of interest in sex.

Scorpio is characterized by his great sexuality, intensity and depth in everything he does, but also by his desire to completely absorb the personality of the person next to him, which can cause jealousy. and unfounded suspicions.

If his level of desire begins to drop without there being any concrete physical causes and if intimacy begins to cool between you, it means that he is sending you a very clear sign: there is a problem in your relationship. .


If what didn’t bother this sign before suddenly starts to bother it, it’s because there’s love fatigue.

Sagittarius is very spontaneous, open, direct and sincere. When he doesn’t like something, he says it bluntly. Sometimes this attitude can even get him in trouble.

But if he begins to complain about something that has always existed and which until now has not seemed important to him, a red flag must go off in you. You must not ignore it. Try to find out the real cause of the problem.


When he gets tired, this native of the Zodiac begins to become petty.

With him, pettiness and avarice are a sign of amorous indifference. It is a generous sign and this new tendency to avarice will have nothing to do with its sense of saving and forecasting.

If the situation starts to get extreme and he shows a keen interest in controlling all common expenses, then something is wrong. This is the index of a possible attack of indifference to which you will have to react immediately so that the evil does not spread.


Sign of love weariness: “Need space”.

If the person next to them begins to interest them less, this sign will worry much more about their “space” and “having their own time”.

He will emotionally distance himself from his/her partner as he becomes involved in other areas (e.g. politics or religion) and will spend far more time with strangers than with his partner and / or his family. Pay attention to danger signals: amorous indifference awaits you.


For him, sentimental disconnection is the main sign of weariness in love.

Pisces is a very empathetic sign, they are able to put themselves in the place of others. He is generally very understanding and compassionate. He lets himself be deceived repeatedly because he finds excuses for others and tries to understand their motivations, but that doesn’t mean that these acts don’t touch him deeply.

However, if his/her partner goes too far and the cup overflows, the Pisces will disconnect and begin to lose interest in their problems.

What before was a cause for concern, doubts or fears will cease to exist and a worrying indifference will rear its head – all the more worrying because it is contrary to the nature of this sign. This is an obvious symptom of love fatigue.