How to know if the person you are interested in likes you

If you want to know if someone likes you use all your resources to clear up this doubt.

Normally, when we like someone, we want to know if the other person feels the same way. The simple fact of asking it directly can be very difficult for us, because we are shy or we are afraid to hear a no.

If it is shyness that prevents us, the best thing is to try to overcome this obstacle.

What is certain is that there are a large number of signs that show that someone likes us. Sometimes non-verbal language says a lot more than verbal language. You just have to know how to interpret it correctly. To get there, you have to be a very good observer because it is easy to confuse certain signs.

Non-verbal signs that indicate that someone likes you

There are a series of non-verbal signs that show a person’s interest in another. These signs usually occur unconsciously and therefore cannot be avoided. See if any of them end up with the person you like. It is very likely that, if they are present, she is interested in you.

If it’s a man:

– His body will be stretched and he will put his hands on his belt or in the pockets of his pants, as if he were a cowboy in the Wild West, highlighting the genital area.

– His body will turn to you.

– His gaze will be penetrating.

– His pupils will be slightly dilated. In any light, the pupils tend to dilate 30% when we see something we like.

– It will tense the muscles unconsciously.

– His feet will be pointing towards you.

– He will put on his clothes, for example his tie or his jacket.

– He will have a soft tone of voice.

If it’s a woman:

– She’ll play with her hair.

– She will show you the palms of her hands, revealing her wrists.

– She’ll blush.

– She will maintain her gaze for a few seconds then lower it and raise it slightly to meet yours again.

– His pupils will be dilated.

– She will occasionally cross and uncross her legs.

– His chin will be pointing towards you.

– She will imitate your gestures unconsciously. For example, if you scratch your forehead, she will do the same soon after.

He/she smiles a lot when he/she is with you

We smile more at the person we like, because their presence makes us happy and it’s our way of showing it. In addition, laughter also plays an essential role. We tend to laugh more at the jokes of someone we like, because we want to please them, and subconsciously we try to make that person we like feel satisfied when they tell a joke while receiving the shard. of laughter that she expects.

When you analyze whether a person likes you, you can try to see how this person acts when there are other people: does she laugh or smile when she is with you?

If you see that she smiles very often when she is with you and, in addition, she laughs at all your jokes, even the ones that you know are not very funny, it is probably not because that you’re much nicer than the rest of the people, or because your sense of humor is particularly good. Most likely, this person is interested in you.

For example, if you like to go for a run and you know that this person does not share your penchant for running but suddenly offers to accompany you, be sure that this is an excuse to spend more time with you, because he likes you.

It’s important to know how you feel about this person because if you want to know if he likes you, it indicates that you may be in love with him.

She/he compliments you

If she/he notices when you cut your hair or buy new clothes and she/he takes the opportunity to tell you that it looks good on you, she/he may not have not just a good sense of observation but that she/he pays more attention to you because she/he feels attracted to you.

She/he behaves differently with you in a group

Try to analyze the behavior of this person when you are in a group. See if he/she treats you the same as the rest of the people or if, on the contrary, he/she acts differently with you.

See if he/she always takes the time to approach you, make eye or physical contact, try to participate in conversations you start, laugh or joke with you. Is she/he nicer to you than to others?

When you’re alone, you’re his center of attention

When you are alone, he/she does not look at his/her phone. The time she/he spends with you, she/he wants to make the most of it. She/he pays attention to everything you say, tries to keep the conversation flowing and tries at all times that you are not bored and are comfortable.

She/he is jealous

When we like someone, we can feel jealousy in the presence of certain people or certain behaviors which could suppose a threat or a loss of possibilities that something more than a simple friendship develops with this person for whom we feel attraction or love.

This jealousy will probably not come out in an overt way (so as not to reveal the feelings she/he feels for you) but you can notice it when you are with people who could pose a threat.

If the problem is that if you are the one who is jealous, you will have to eliminate these feelings as soon as possible so as not to fall into basic errors.

On social networks, she/he is always attentive to you

She / he always leaves a comment on your photos or post and is always present to play with you the games that the networks offer. She/he tries to write to you regularly by chat, even without a serious reason, just to ask how you are doing. If so, it’s very likely that he likes you.

Either way, if you like someone, never be afraid to go all out to win them over.