How to make a MARRIED man fall in love

If you are trying to make a married man fall in love, you should know that it is a challenge that could end badly for you, because this situation is quite difficult to bear and can affect you on a sentimental level, but also harm third parties. .

However, no one can control who they fall in love with because love is a feeling that usually arises when we least expect it. It only takes a few interactions, a little attraction and empathy, to awaken certain feelings and provoke our interest in another person.

If, even so, you plan to continue and let yourself be carried away by this feeling or this attraction, you must know that it is necessary to remain open to learn and experience different situations. Guilt can work against you.

The first thing you need to know is that if a man is happily married, absolutely nothing you can do will make him fall in love with you. If, on the contrary, you or any other woman has caught his attention, it is due to problems or shortcomings in his marriage and you should not feel responsible for it.

The vast majority of men, despite certain shortcomings in their marriage, do not wish to abandon it: out of convenience, out of commitment, out of a sense of responsibility or simply because of social appearances. It’s possible that the man you’re attracted to is interested in you, but that doesn’t mean he’ll give up everything to be by your side. Here are some signs to look out for:

1. He looks at you in an unusual way. They say a look says more than a thousand words and sometimes it does. His eyes remain fixed on you, he observes you in secret. Look carefully ; if you can see that he is watching you often, he definitely wants you.

2. He often invades your personal space., approaching you regularly, insinuating himself to see how you will react and take note of it. His body language betrays him. Please respond to these signs with a smile or a friendly greeting.

3. Observe the dilation of his pupils: it is possible that, out of respect for his wife, he will not say anything to you, but his pupils will dilate because of his feelings. Our body always reflects our concern for others.

4. Body gestures: if a married man is interested in you, he will adopt certain behaviors, postures and gestures that will betray him. These gestures, he simply cannot avoid them and often does not even realize it.

The main sign that will let you know if a married man is interested in you is, in fact, his readiness to make this new commitment or the fact that he has other priorities, which do not include you.

A married, older man has more experience, is more selective in his tastes, has an incredible propensity to satisfy a woman but also wants her to satisfy him.

If you want to know how to seduce a married man 40 or older, try the following things:

Know their tastes

It is necessary that you know his tastes and preferences. Some married men prefer submissive women and like to take the initiative themselves, but others will want you to be a goddess, a woman who can drive them crazy and satisfy them.

Show that you can satisfy him

Based on the previous point, once you know his preferences, show him that you can give him whatever he needs.

Highlight their achievements and qualities

We all like to be appreciated and it’s quite common for an older married man to feel criticized by his wife. But even if he doesn’t, make it big by showing him that you love who he is and appreciate his accomplishments.

The phone can be a double-edged sword because it can become an obsession allowing you to try to monitor what it does, if it speaks or not, if it connects, if it changes its photo… use with discretion.

Don’t call or write to him

Remember that your relationship is hidden. A call or a message can compromise him or cause him problems that he is not yet ready to assume.

Give him time and space

Give him space and give him time. Constantly calling or texting could make him tire of you quickly and come across as a burden.

Awaken his interest

Learn how to seduce a married man with messages, arouse his interest in you so that he wants to see you, write to him two or three times a day, without being too intense or boring. A simple message to let him know that you are there, that you are waiting for a sign from him. If you catch his eye, send him a sexy photo that will make him want to see you.

Some women devote a lot of time to their home and their children and drop seduction and eroticism. Enjoy it and show her how much you want her.

Capture her attention on the first date

On the first date, it’s important that you grab her attention and arouse her interest. Show her that you are capable of giving her what is denied her in her marriage.

Share new pleasures

The new emotions, the good times and the pleasure without commitment, which allow him to get away from the responsibilities and the problems, will allow him to discover new pleasures and you will be there to share them with him.

Have common goals

After having experienced these pleasures with a married man, you must take the next step because the desire does not last. If you don’t have common goals, his romance with you and the need for your presence may end.

Give him your unconditional support

Offer your support in difficult times because the basis for love to grow is affection, respect and sincerity. Show him that you understand and love him, show him that you are his ideal woman.

If you stay alert to these signs and follow the tips we’ve given you in this post, you can make a married man fall in love. We remind you that you have to be careful because the situation with his wife could become complicated if something does not go well.