How to Use dress for a concert

When you go to a concert, you must choose the most comfortable look possible because you will be spending many hours away from home, so you must choose your outfit carefully.

In summer, there are few things as typical as festivals and concerts. Many people take advantage of their holidays to attend these types of events. While a few years ago they only seemed aimed at a teenage audience, today people of all ages (and even entire families) attend. In any case, to enjoy a festival or a concert to the fullest, it is always necessary to take into account certain essential aspects such as, for example, the most suitable clothes to wear.

Jeans, a white shirt and a black leather-look jacket are the perfect look for attending a concert. But there are many kinds of musical performances, and usually what dictates one’s dress code is usually the genre of music, the type of audience and “venue,” and the time of year the concert takes place. If you have planned to go to a festival or a concert and you are not sure how to dress for the occasion, here you will find a series of tips, recommendations and suggestions that will help you find the style which suits you best.

Adapt to the style and location of the concert

Above all, one aspect that you must take into account if you want to wear a suitable outfit is the type of music at the concert.

Obviously, a concert of punk music or classical music is not at all the same thing because, although in both cases it concerns melodies and chords, each genre has its own aesthetic and offers distinct experiences. If the concert you attend is pop, electro or Hindu music, you can afford to dress in a bohemian or hippie style, or even wear something more daring like neon or iridescent colored clothes, tops type underwear, etc. If what you like is more rock concerts, urban prints and dark tones will be your best allies.

Once you have defined the aesthetics of the concert you are going to attend, you must choose your style according to the room or place and the climate you will be facing. Above all, a concert is for singing, jumping and dancing. So unless it’s a seated gig, your priority shouldn’t be an uncomfortable look, no matter how pretty. Study the type of ground you will be facing to choose suitable footwear, check the weather forecast if it is an outdoor concert and choose airy, loose and comfortable clothing.

If the musical performance you are going to attend takes place outdoors, the sky is clear and the weather is pleasant, you can opt for a lighter style. Denim shorts, baggy pants, and jumpsuits are the most comfortable alternative if you’re thinking of jumping or dancing. For the top, choose comfortable blouses or shirts, whose suspenders or other complements do not have to be constantly put back in place. You can show your creativity by using trendy prints or fabrics and combining them with the rest of the look.

Lately, the most popular trends at festivals and concerts are crochet, fringe and embroidery. The problem with this type of clothing is that they tend to get snagged everywhere and may unravel if there are a lot of people at the concert. That’s why, before trying the adventure, ask yourself if it’s really worth it.

In terms of shoes, regardless of the style of clothing you wear, it is strongly recommended to wear closed shoes. Sports shoes are ideal for this type of musical event, as they are not only more comfortable than others, but can be combined with any outfit. If you don’t want to take risks, consider Converse or Vans type shoes, which adapt perfectly to any look. And don’t choose shoes that are too clean or too new because, between the people who will step on your feet and the gravel on the ground, they could be quickly destroyed. Finally, it is important that you take into account this last point: many concerts take place on muddy or sandy ground, which is why it is better to completely ban open sandals.

Accessories and other complements

Accessories are one of the essential elements of the concert look. If the event is formal and you know things aren’t going to be too wild, you can consider a more sophisticated look and wear long earrings, necklaces or other accessories. But if, on the contrary, you know that you will be jumping and dancing until your feet hurt during the concert, forget the spectacular accessories that would hinder your movements. It doesn’t matter if they go perfectly with the rest of your outfit; you should definitely forget about too big or too long add-ons that can easily get snagged.

As for the earrings, it is better to choose them small. If you want to add a wilder touch to your look, you can use fake piercings or earrings that don’t require preliminary ear piercing. Along the same lines, if you decide not to wear necklaces or bracelets but feel naked without them, you can opt for metallic temporary tattoos instead.

A few years ago, these tattoos were completely trendy at a lot of music festivals, because they went so well with bobo-style outfits and tanned summer skin. Their application is very simple, you can place them wherever you want on the body and they will give a special touch to your look without you having to worry about it: once applied, they will not move.

Another mandatory accessory for concerts or music festivals: the bag where you will store your phone, money and personal items. We recommend, for these types of events, to opt for a convenient option that you will not have to constantly monitor. Belt bags, thanks to the Supreme brand and the famous Gucci “GG Marmont” model, are currently very trendy and are a comfortable and stylish alternative to the typical canvas bags.