I have never been late for an appointment again thanks to Google Maps and these options

I have never been late for an appointment again thanks to Google Maps and these options

If there is something that surely makes the vast majority of punctual people nervous, it is that the rest are not punctual and surely in your group of friends or in your family, there is someone who always screams to heaven when someone is late to a date. In this way, so that no one gets upset in the event that you are late for an appointment, it is time to remedy that problem and there is nothing better than Google Maps to do it and forget about being late to places with the calculation that the Google application performs.

And it is that, let’s be honest, if there is an app that helps us both to orient ourselves and to get to a place correctly, that is Google Maps, which not only locates us on the map and helps us to orient ourselves correctly; but if we know how to use it correctly, it will help us to be able to reach the places easily and on time using public transport.

Guide yourself with Google Maps

When it comes to getting around on foot or by car, it is certainly difficult to fail because normally we will have both the time and the space that must be traveled very controlled in order not to be late. In this way, if we are going to move by public transport, the most normal thing is that before we know what we should do and above all, what time do we want to leave if what we want is to arrive on time, an option that Google Maps will of course offer us.

In order to select the arrival time, we will have to follow the following steps within the app:

  1. Select the place you want to go to as the arrival point.
  2. Once the route has been selected, up to the left and on the different routes, the current time should appear, where we must press.
  3. Choose the option of ‘Arrival‘ and immediately afterwards, enter the exact time at which you want to arrive at your destination.
  4. The specific route of arrival to the site you want at the time you have set must be marked.

I have never been late for an appointment again thanks

Of course, when we want to move by public transport, we cannot forget to select the public transport option from among all the means that Google provides, this must be to the left of the walking icon. As easy as this is what it is to be able to leave home calmly knowing that you will not be late

Are these reliable times?

The big question, questioning what Google Maps says, trusting it or not, making Google times something reliable or not. That is the unknown that we surely have in our heads if what we need is to arrive yes or yes on time to the appointment we have; and it is that to tell the truth and for your peace of mind, under normal conditions, the times that Google Maps usually indicates they are usually quite accurate and it may even be that you arrive a while earlier than what has been indicated, so if there are no adverse conditions you can almost certainly breathe easy.

Now, we emphasize the adverse conditions because We will never know what awaits us on the road, even if it’s by city. A work, a demonstration, an accident, a traffic cut… numerous cases that can make the route that we had chosen at the beginning completely vanish, so we have to take these cases into account.

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For this reason we recommend two routes, the first one, of course, leaving a few minutes before and don’t go right on time‘ so you won’t be late under any circumstances. In the same way, when there are very big traffic jams or there are some problems with traffic, Google Maps usually warns that it is a very crowded place, so we recommend that you look at the route before leaving.