If this battery failure appears on your mobile, be very careful

iPhone without battery

One of the biggest concerns on the part of users in relation to their mobile phone is the battery. Surely on some other occasion you have faced various problems that have to do with this component and it is quite common to experience autonomy failures, but there is one that you should pay close attention to.

experience errors in smartphone battery It is not strange at all and there are a huge number of factors that can cause a excessive wear or consumption. However, if you notice that the energy of your mobile drops quickly to 1%, you have to set off the alarms.

Your mobile battery in danger

In the event that you are quietly using your smartphone and suddenly the battery starts to drop non-stop up to 1%, I am afraid that instant action must be taken. Mainly because, otherwise, your terminal could be completely inoperative.

iPhone without battery

If your mobile is several years old, it is most likely time to buy a new one, since the battery may be too worn out to continue working properly. However, there is a possibility that the device stays on for several hours despite indicating a minimum percentage. In this situation your only solution is calibrate battery to get it back to normal. Here are the steps for it:

  1. Charge the battery to the maximum, that is, up to reach 100%. Leave it a little longer if you want once it reaches that figure to obtain an optimal result.
  2. let it be download completely. You can access demanding games like Genshin Impact to speed up the process.
  3. The mobile must remain switched off during about 4 hours before to reload it, since, in this way, you will completely eliminate the residual compounds.
  4. Fully charge the phone and leave it again for a little longer if you want.
  5. Turn on your smartphone with peace of mind. The error should be gone.

If the battery continues to show 1% power, the error is likely due to the terminal age. This means that the best solution is to renew your device, although a little further down we leave you some little tricks to alleviate the duration.

Battery drains very quickly

We have all said this phrase at some point and it is that rapid battery wear is one of the most annoying inconveniences for users. This is because it does not allow normal use of the mobile, preventing the use of basic functions such as messaging applications or GPS. The problem is that there many factors that can generate consumption disproportionate energy and here are several of them:

save full battery mobile

  • Keep 5G activated.
  • Lots of apps running in the background.
  • Full brightness.
  • Operating system error due to a bad update.
  • Bluetooth connected devices.
  • Video playback in the background.

In the event that it is an erroneous update, all you have to do is wait for a manufacturer’s solutionbut do not hesitate to go to the technical service if the problems do not stop.