Illuminati Triangle and Pyramid: The Illuminati Symbols

The Illuminati (just like the Masons) are one of the most hermetic and exclusive secret societies that live on the territory of the USA.

According to some of the most widespread beliefs, all the people who have dedicated themselves to studying these secret societies say that their main objective is to conquer the world.

This is at least the main ideal of the Illuminati, who finance certain big international stars in exchange for a particular commitment.

According to investigators, the origin of the Illuminati dates back to the 18th century, together with the beginnings of the era of illustration.

One can also find stories that associate this secret society with rituals and demonic beliefs through which it absorbs the knowledge necessary for world domination.

Another important aspect to highlight regarding this social group is that, historically speaking, members who belong to the Illuminati have always been intellectuals and people of power.

These members are characterized by the fact of being interested only in their own well-being and by the glance which they carry on the common people, whom they regard as ignorant and stupid.

In order for the Illuminati to recognize their possessions or convey one or another message to each other, they have created certain symbols that allow them to identify themselves in the eyes of other members.

We must point out that the majority of these symbols are of Egyptian origin because they consider that this ancient civilization is one of the most prosperous and sustainable at the historical level.

Finally, it should also be noted that the Egyptians, despite having lived in a remote and distant period, made certain discoveries.

What are the symbols used by the Illuminati?

One of the most common symbols used by the Illuminati is a triangle which resembles the Egyptian pyramids. In it, you can usually see the eye of Horus, also known as the all-seeing eye.

If we were to do an exhaustive analysis of all the places where we can see this pyramid, our eyes would probably first and foremost rest on the posterior part of the dollar bills. At the tip of it, we can see the drawing of the eye of Horus.

Another place where it is also possible to find the representative triangle of the Illuminati and the eye of Horus is on our small screens because the CBS television channel has an eye symbol.

The distinctive logo of the Columbia Pictures film company is also a triangle with beams of light coming out of a woman’s hand. We must specify that, in accordance with what we are looking for, this image would represent the eye of Horus.

In the Columbia Pictures logo, the pyramid is at the bottom and the eye is represented by rays of light.

columbia pictures

Another company that is part of the major film companies, Paramount, which is represented by three Egyptian pyramids, the eye being formed by the alignment of the stars.

There are also films in which we can see the symbols of the Illuminati such as: Harry Potter, Matrix and Batman, among many other successful films.

As we pointed out at the beginning, many public figures can be associated with this elite group of people because their symbolism is found in their music videos or hidden in their photographic sessions.

Some of these celebrities include: Lady Gaga, Madonna, The Beatles, Rihanna and many more. It is therefore possible that you believe in the existence of this type of secret conspiracy.

However, it must be taken into account that there will always be people in the world who seek to obtain total power and that it is possible that they will use certain tricks or artifices to gain publicity.