In these cases you should not use a Wi-Fi repeater, the network will work worse for you

The Wi-Fi repeater network does not come out

In order to have a good Wi-Fi connection, there are different devices that can help us. One option is to have a repeater. Basically what it does is receive the signal from the router and forwards it to other places in the house. Very useful if the signal is weak or we are in a dead zone. However, it must be mentioned that it has limitations and it is not always a good idea to use it. That is why in this article we are going to tell you in which cases you should avoid using a Wi-Fi repeater.

When you should not use a Wi-Fi repeater

The goal is to have a good Internet connection, so using a WIFI repeater that doesn’t really help you improve the signal is not a good idea. There are certain occasions when it will be better to connect the device directly to the router or look for an alternative that is not a wireless repeater.

The repeater receives a very weak signal

The first reason not to use a Wi-Fi repeater is when you receive a very weak signal. Even if we later connect a computer or mobile to it and receive optimal coverage, really if the repeater does not receive a good signal it will not offer an adequate speed and we will not have a quality connection.

Therefore, analyze well if the repeater receives a good signal. If not, it is best not to connect to it as you could have problems. In that case, you would have to find a better location for the device or use another with better features and that allows you to receive greater coverage to later distribute to other devices.

It is a limited device

You should also not use a repeater that does not provide much in terms of quality. There are many options available to buy, but not all of them are going to work equally well. You should look at the characteristics to see the maximum speed they support, the distance, if it is dual band or not, if you can connect many devices without problems…

You should not use a repeater that is limited. That’s definitely going to be negative for your connection and you’re not really going to get a noticeable improvement. You will not feel a greater speed, nor will you avoid cuts. It may be that what does happen is the opposite and you start to have difficulties surfing the net.

The Wi-Fi repeater network does not come out

You need good wired speed

A third reason not to use a Wi-Fi repeater is when you need a good wired speed. If, for example, you need to connect a computer via a network cable to have maximum speed or low latency, you should look for other alternatives and not trust a wireless repeater, since it is very likely that it will not meet what you expect.

For example, you can create an installation at home to bring fiber cable to another room or use the option of PLCs, which carry the connection from one place to another through electrical wiring.

In short, these are some reasons not to use a Wi-Fi repeater. It is important that you always know what the disadvantages are, in addition to the positive points, and thus know if it suits you or not. In this way you will make the connection work as well as possible and without any type of cut. This will help prevent Wi-Fi from constantly dropping out.