Ireland shakes hands with Kate Middleton amid Prince William’s cheating scandal

Ireland shakes hands with Kate Middleton amid Prince William's cheating scandal

the princess of wales, Kate Middletonis going through a difficult time in his life due to the multiple rumors of the infidelity that her husband, the prince williamhe would be committing it with one of his best friends, the noble Rose Hanbury, a close associate of the royal family for many years.

The rumors began in mid-2019 when photos of Prince William with Rose Hanbury They were leaked to social media. In the photos they can be seen quite close and making a lot of physical contact, some even claim that in one of the photos they are seen kissing. The truth is that after the scandal in 2019, it was discovered that Kate decided veto completely to Rose all royal events, confirming the rumours.

Recently, the rumors revived and this time it seems that the princess and future queen is looking for where to turn in case of a very possible divorce. In the midst of the controversy, the 41-year-old noblewoman was appointed colonel of the Irish Guard, and last Friday, March 17, she attended the official parade organized by said guard, to fulfill her commitment as colonel.

The princess complied with the protocol of the celebration, handed out the iconic clover brooches and wore a green outfit, although most say it is rather blue.

With this gesture, Ireland and the irish guard confirm their support for the princess amid the controversy. Let us remember that the United Kingdom and Ireland carry joint traditions and the english crown has strong ties to the state of Ireland, so the princess could turn to them for asylum if necessary.