Is bathing a cat really necessary?

Cats are known for their cleanliness and this reputation is more than deserved: their little tongues come and go for hours every day, doing their job well – but sometimes they can’t clean everything. Sometimes owners have to help them… with a bath.

A bath? Is it really necessary to bathe my cat? The fear of wetting a cat does not exist only on the side of the kitty: it is also present in the owner who, in certain cases, would do well to bring garden gloves and a helmet to bathe his adored kitty.

For indeed, as docile as cats may be on dry land, almost all become real lions as soon as they come into contact with water.

That is why, rather than living a traumatic moment, we must evaluate if we can avoid the bath without harming the health of the animal. In the majority of cases, it is possible – but there are exceptions which justify the bath.

Is the popular belief that cats bathe alone, with licks, true? Yes and no, because sometimes they are too dirty and it is more than necessary to wash them with water. The question is whether or not they will bear his touch…because their repulsion is not innate, it’s all a matter of habit.

You can educate cats and get them used to different things -including bathing- but it is advisable to do this when the kitten has 2-3 monthsduring its socialization stage.

Generally, however, it is not necessary to bathe your cat. It is a controversial subject. According to the experts’ point of view, a healthy and good-looking cat does not need to be bathed. At least not on a regular basis, because he can lose essential oils from his coat and experience very unpleasant moments.

All in all, we can say that if the animal looks and smells normal, there is no reason to bathe your indoor cat, especially if he has short hair. It must be taken into account that cats spend hours washing themselves. Conclusion: Regular brushings and their tongue are good substitutes for water.

They are true experts in cleaning their coat. They use their raspy, dirt-removing tongue to stay clean and odor-free.

If your cat has semi-long or long hair, they might need a little dip if their skin gets too oily. The skin can become oily because of the breed, the adaptation or not of the cat to the climate in which it lives and its living circumstances: diet, habits, health, etc.

Under what circumstances is a bath advisable? If your cat gets dirty with products that are harmful to its health, such as gasoline or chemicals, if its coat becomes dirty and tangled and there is no way to remove the tangles, and if the veterinarian recommends it.