Is Google’s new cheap Chromecast worth it?

chromecast with google tv

Google is clear about what audience it wants to capture with its new Chromecast: all those who do not want to invest too much in a dongle So. And that is precisely why he has sought lower the price to the maximum, offering practically the same characteristics. Although there is an important jump in another point: the resolution.

While the Chromecast that is on the market right now allows you to view content on 4K, the one that will arrive from October 19 changes. Your resolution will drop to 1080p and 60fpswith which we will not be able to view content in 4K.

There will be no 4K on the new Chromecast

To be able to compare properly, there is nothing like seeing the specs of both devices and see if the new one would really be worth it. The improvement that users will perceive is only price but, of course, it is a key factor! instead of costing €70as the current Chromecast costs, it will drop to €39.99. They are thirty euros less, and it is a pinch that is noticeable in the pocket.

But what do we lose at the cost of those thirty euros? First of all, the 4K content playback. We have to bear in mind that practically all current televisions allow us to play content in 4K, and it would be a kind of leap backwards in terms of quality. But there are particular cases, which we will see below, in which this quality detriment may not be so noticeable.

chromecast with google tv

The new device will be compatible with HDR10 Y HDR10+, but will no longer support Dolby Vision. Although this difference may not affect us so much in our day to day, it is interesting to point it out.

Is the new Google worth it? Depends!

Let’s get to the crux of the matter: Is the user experience going to change with all this? It will depend a bit on the actual use that you make of the Chromecast. If you want it for your main television, to consume content with the best quality, then the new one is not for you. But if you want this Chromecast as a support for an old television, that does not have 4K or whose size is less than 43 inches, it is a great option.

The key is to put on a scale whether you prioritize picture quality or the low cost of the product. Because, in the end, that is exactly where Google is cutting back: on image quality. When is it really recommended? When we want to use it on televisions ancient, which do not support 4K. For all these cases, Google is giving us a very, very interesting product. Because we can download applications, play content from Netflix or any similar server, and at a much lower cost.

The new Chromecast will arrive in Spain from October 18So we still have to wait a bit. However, if impatience gets the best of you, you can always get hold of chrome cast 4k. Take advantage, because right now he is alone €59.90 on Amazon.