Is it better to change the mobile battery or buy a new one?

Change iPhone battery

It is now when you have to make the big decision, change the battery of your mobile or buy a new phone. If you have a smartphone that is a few years old and is about to stop receiving updates and it has been giving you some errors for some time, the decision is clear.

Doubt comes with phones that you’ve recently purchased, are working perfectly, are priced high, or are still receiving updates. Moment in which you will have to think more when assessing the change. For this reason, we analyze some models on the market, to see when each of the two options available to you compensates.

Changing the battery does compensate in certain cases

In order to draw a clear conclusion, we need to study some cases of different brands taking into account their price and cost of battery repair, so that you are more clear if it is worth making the change or repair.

It will hurt your wallet to have to pay for a single piece, but this is often worth it. Although this is usually more expensive in the Official technical service or at least an authorized one, the result will be better, you make sure that everything works well and that the parts used are original.

Change iPhone battery

Xiaomi 11: repair is the best decision

The official price for changing the battery of the Xiaomi Mi 11 is 18.68 euros if the repair it is not part of the guarantee. The Ultra model is priced at 30.13 euros. If you do not accept the budget, you will have to pay the inspection and logistics fee, which is 30.25 euros for inspection and 12.10 for shipping. If you accept the offer you will have to pay the costs of components, repair and part of the logistics. These prices are guidelines, since the final offer will be made when your mobile is evaluated.

In others repair shops you can change it for a price that can go from 35 to 50 euros, and if you have the skill and you do it, it will be cheaper. It is not the most advisable because they may not be original parts or something may go wrong.

It is a 2020 model year and will have upgrades from security at least until the year 2025. You can enjoy the news of Android 13 with it and its price right now is 749.99 euros on the official website. If you buy a newer model, the outlay will be much higher. Considering that it is a phone that has a lot of life left, it is definitely worth repairing, unless there is some other problem or it has many failures.

Galaxy S21: a fantastic mobile with a lot of life

If you want to change the battery of the Galaxy S21 5G, the official price of the replacement of screen, frame and battery out of warranty is 170 euros. In repair shops it will cost you around 100, or even less depending on the place, but not considering the subsequent guarantee.

As it is a phone presented last year and that will continue to be updated for several years, is it worth changing the battery despite this financial outlay. You will have the feeling that you have a new phone, because the autonomy will be like the first day.

OPPO Find X3 Pro: a smartphone designed to last

OPPO does not clarify the official repair cost in case you have to repair your devices in the technical service, but we must assess that in authorized stores the cost ranges from 40 euros to 80 euros. Remembering that it is a mobile that can cost you from 600 to 700 euros and considering that it already has a journey of more than 1 and a half years, it is still an acceptable price for the cameras it offers and the rest of the components it integrates. If you don’t have any other faults besides the battery, it’s also worth replacing the power cells.

iPhone 12 Pro, changing the battery is the best option

The estimated cost of repairing your iPhone’s battery, if it is not covered by the warranty, is 75 euros, although you can have it for free if you have an Apple Care+ plan. Buying this same model can currently cost you about 700 euros, and if we are talking about a new, more recent model, the purchase price skyrockets.

It is true that there are good offers on iPhone 13 today and the iPhone 14 has even been presented, but if your only problem is the battery, it is well worth changing it. It’s a phone that keeps on giving very good results today and, having been released in 2020, it will receive at least iOS 20 or iOS 21. It has left many years of updates and a long life.

When should you buy a new mobile?

If you have a phone input range, it will more than compensate you to buy a new device, even if the repair is moderately cheap because you will update yourself to the new changes and demands of the current market.

In the mid-range mobiles It is usually interesting to consider the change if they have more than 2 years old or are about to meet them. Even if they have some pending update, it is not worth much, since you can find phones with better features at very good prices and that will adapt to the new demands of applications, operating systems and surely yours.

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However, in high end phones the repair is going to be very expensive, as we have seen in the examples, but it is usually interesting and the best option if you are going to continue receiving security updates for some time, they do not present any major problems and you are not willing to change it for a jump in cameras or other technologies.