Is there an OSU for Android?

Is there a way to play OSU on mobile?

Osu! Droid is a light and very simple mobile game. To play, you just have to choose from the rhythm maps and tap to your rhythm. … The songs available on the forum are all Japanese, so if you don’t like that, this might not be the game for you.

How to install OSU not Android?

How to create a new OSU account?

  1. After installing osu! and open it, the game will ask you to enter your account or register. Assuming you’re here because you need an account, click Create an account. …
  2. Fill in all fields on the form. …
  3. Once complete, click 1.

How to download and install OSU?

Visit the official page of Osu! ( and click the blue button to download the game if your computer uses a Windows system.

How does the OSU game work?

As I mentioned before, osu! it’s a music game. Depending on the game mode, you will press the keys or click with the mouse where the hit circles and sliders are (they would be balls in the middle of the screen, some you drag and others just click) in the rhythm of the song you chose.

How to use or keyboard not OSU mode?

There are many shortcuts in osu! that can be used within the game or while idle on any screen…….How to put the keyboard in osu?

Ctrl + 1Change the game mode to osu!.
Ctrl + 2Muda o modo de jogo para o osu! Taiko.
Ctrl + 3Changes game mode to osu!catch.

How to train the aim?

Click on the image to be able to hear a part of the song, then click on “Download Beatmap”. When finished downloading, click on the downloaded file. So the game will automatically open and add music to the game.