It is not an error! This Samsung tablet has fallen from €140

 It is not an error!  This Samsung tablet has fallen from €140

Tablets have become almost a essential nowadays. They are used to read, to work, to take notes, to do video calls, to watch series, for the little ones to play… They have infinite possibilities! Especially if, like this Samsung tablet, they are lightpowerful and they are discounted!

Amazon It has thrown the price of this Samsung tablet to the ground and, thanks to that, you will be able to buy it cheaper than ever. We are talking about the model Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, a device that is small, but to which you can give many uses as soon as you have it with you. All you have to do is take a look at their Specifications to check!

you should know that there two versions of this tablet. On the one hand, we have the Lite version, which is the one we have mentioned; and, on the other, you have the standard version, which has a screen elderly and better specs. The latter is also discounted, although it has a higher price than the first. Still, if you need slightly higher performance or want a 10.4-inch screen, this is also a great alternative! so we leave it to you in this link so you can review it, before deciding to buy.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: powerful and light

One of the most interesting points of this tablet is the your screen size. And it is quite compact! Measure 8.7 inches and it weighs practically nothing, so it is a great alternative if you want to travel with it. Or even if you are one of those who use the tablet to read, since, in that case, a larger screen would be inconvenient.

It is not an error This Samsung tablet has fallen

Not only does it have a compact screen, but the borders have also been reduced to a minimum. This makes the relationship between screen and body very good, a great point in its favor! In samsung point out that it is a tablet designed so that you can navigate with one handand it is true!

There are many people who get hold of a tablet to watch series or movies, both at home and abroad. Well, this is a great choice in that sense. because it is compatible with Dolby Atmosso you will enjoy clear sounds and full of details.

If we go to other sections more technicalIt has a processor MediaTek Helio P22T and a RAM memory of 3GB. Although the storage may seem low, because it is 32 GB, nothing is further from the truth: it has a slot for micro SD! So you can save all the files you consider appropriate.

This tablet is a safe bet

Refering to batteryit has a power of 5,100mAh. Do not think that it is little, since you have to take into account the screen size. It will allow you to forget about the charger whenever you need it, and it will make working with this tablet a real delight.

If you wanted to get such a device, now is the best time! because his price has collapsed, and will be yours for only €139. Don’t let her get away!