It’s a joke? €1,200 discount for this 55″ Smart TV

Samsung Neo QLED 2022

No, today we are not joking, far from it. To end Friday in the best possible way we have found one of the most brutal offers in recent months. 1,200 euros discount for this television of Samsung! It is not that it is a good television, but that it is one of the best and at the price at which it is, we can guarantee that it is a bargain.

It is the 2022 model of this Samsung Neo QLED TV. 55 inches go a long way, of course. If you want to know everything about this epoch-making bargain, keep reading, but first we leave you the link here in case you want to go ahead to see the page of El Corte Inglés.

Samsung TV Neo QLED: the new generation of televisions

We start with your design, which is clearly very contemporary with those micro edges that are practically unnoticeable. This will give your living room the definitive premium touch, accompanied by a very minimalist base, and with an ideal size to put a player on it or, if necessary, the PlayStation itself.

Its panel is 55 inches, a size that is a real joy to enjoy the best content. Of course, you can already ensure a good piece of furniture to be able to fit the tremendous size of said television. If you limp on any of these concepts, we leave you an article with previous questions about Smart TV.

Those 55 inches are reflected in a QLED-panel, which is one of the best technologies of the moment in televisions. It has up to 1,000 million colors with MiniLEDs that reproduce every detail as much as possible. It also has an image enhanced by Artificial Intelligence.

Samsung Neo QLED 2022

Your resolution? How could it be otherwise? 4K regardless of original resolution. Good contrasts and more vivid colors to watch your favorite Netflix series, and with HDR10+ all the details will be perceptible without straining your eyes. Come on… An experience close to being in the cinema, but in your living room.

Very remarkable is also the refresh rate of nothing more and nothing less than 144 Hz, to feel every movement and image with unprecedented fluidity. Same for video games. It has a specific mode, and with this refresh rate you will enjoy an unprecedented image speed.

Needless to say, it is Smart TV, under Samsung’s Tizen operating system, as usual. It no longer has hundreds, but thousands of applications with the possibility of watching your favorite streaming platforms, how could it be otherwise: Netflix, HBO+, Disney+… They are all!

And now the offer you’ve been waiting for

Of course, the best for last: at what price does this incredible Samsung TV stay? Well, you could usually do with 2,599 euros. It is a high price, but keep in mind that it is a top of the range.

Well, in The English Court With a 27% discount, it stays at just 1,899 euros for a limited time. But the point is that they give you 500 euros of reimbursement when you buy it. In total, a saving of 1,200 euros. What a bargain!