Jimin confesses that his soulmate could be a boy

Jimin confesses that his soulmate could be a boy

Leading and most acclaimed voice of BTS, has given a very deep and personal confession about whether or not her soul mate is actually a boy.

In a recent interview with the member of BTS Jimin, the idol has revealed what he really needs to fall in love with someone, and it shocked the ARMY by revealing that her soulmate could be a boy.

A Jimin He was also asked about various aspects of his life and his professional career, one of the questions he had to answer is about who he thinks his soulmate is, to which he answered the following:

“It is a relationship where nothing is expected in return.”

At another point in the interview, the star dancer from bangtan about some K-Pop performers and even about their groupmates. The question was based on whether he believed that his soul mate could be someone from the group like V, and Jimin accepted that it could be defined that way, since he has several memories with him.

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This would explain why from when they traveled to Japan, they slipped away several times at night to drink beer and walk together.

To the ARMY, These statements have been very moving for him, since they are a broad reflection of the beautiful connection that exists between both artists.