Jungkook and BLACKPINK’s Lisa share a very special achievement and celebrate it “Together”

Jungkook and BLACKPINK's Lisa share a very special achievement and celebrate it

Currently bts Y BLACKPINK has proven to be the leaders in the category of k pop with their admirable collaborations, thus being the most trending groups in social networks and the most loved by their fans, although some fans feel envy or competition, they represent the best bands that can star in K-Pop.

Jungkook Y smooth, They are considered the most popular idols in their category, in addition to being beautiful and talented, both world phenomena share a very special achievement together, Jungkook for his part admires Lisa a lot by enjoying her performances with the band, both groups have starred in the biggest records and milestones never seen before in K-Pop and according to rumors of the members sharing a romance between them, the most recent case was of v with Jennywhen a trip to the island of “Jeju” and the iconic moment of taehyung with Lisa when traveling to Paris as representatives of an event.

Although the members demonstrated their unmatched talent as an artist, this time they moved their fans by sharing that position, which represents something very special for them, since being recognized as the idols who made history by hosting the 2022 MTV VMAs , a nomination for some of his best musical projects, such as Jungkook with his collaboration with Charlie Puth, “Left and Right”, and the rapper for her “LALISA”, shared a detail together that for many fans, they would be the perfect couple.

ARMY and BLINK will always be considered the best bands in K-Pop!