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What can you read in this section? About what shapes our lifestyle. About what can help shape it. Also about what is worth developing and what we should avoid.

Windows update options

Windows is limiting your internet speed without you knowing it

Windows Bandwidth Limit When we browse the Internet we want the speed to be maximum and for everything to work well. However, there...
this is the first day of LaLiga that will not be seen on DAZN

this is the first day of LaLiga that will not be seen on DAZN

LaLiga presents a new scenario that we have never seen before for the next season 22/23 and until 2027. The league competition in our...
minecraft village

the best-selling game in history passes them

The NFT They have managed to move millions of euros in a very short time. However, after much speculation, users have finally realized...
phones without miui 13.5

When can we update to MIUI 13.5

Xiaomi does not stop its work for a moment and is already preparing the MIUI 13.5 landing of the android layer. The Chinese...
delivery shipping amazon

25 young people created 500 accounts and scammed half a million euros from Amazon

Believe it or not, each and every one of us can fall for a scam that can be quite expensive on some occasions. ...
Razer Kraken cross-platform

Amaze with the flash offers of PcComponentes: they are unique!

Razer Kraken headphones: the offer of the day We start with today's most succulent offer. We are talking, neither more nor less,...