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a laptop for only €189

Get a laptop for less than €200 It is a very, very complicated task. But there are always special occasions when such opportunities...
ADSLZone Awards Gala 2022

The Leganés cluster, the best AI initiative in the ADSLZone 2022 Awards

artificial intelligence it is forming part of our lives and is present in the devices that surround us, in the technology that we use...
Smart TV Chromecast

These are the reasons why you should not buy the new Chromecast HD

Cheap is expensive, or at least in the case of this device. It is true that we can find it for less than...
travel irons

your clean clothes wherever you go!

Its heating is much faster. We talked about the fact that, while an iron can take a couple of minutes, in a travel...
Mi Band 7 Watch Faces

The most original spheres for your Xiaomi Smart Band 7

In case you did not know, the Xiaomi smartband interface is not unique or fixed, since you can modify it through multiple alternatives. ...
Repeater with Ethernet port

Putting a WiFi repeater is not always good, in these cases it is worse

We always want to have a good Internet speed and for this we sometimes use some devices, such as a repeater. However, we...