Limit offer! €29 costs today this powerful Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

 Limit offer!  €29 costs today this powerful Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

It almost sounds like a joke, but it’s not! He most powerful mini vacuum cleaner de Xiaomi has knocked down its price for a limited time. Thanks to 40% discount you have right now, it will be yours for only €29. We guarantee that you will not want to miss it, because it is one of those devices that end up becoming essential in your day to day.

For vacuum the carto clean any surface in your home or to take it to the office and have your desk always clean: this mini vacuum cleaner is suitable for everything! The best thing about it is its size, since it is so compact that you can carry it in your bag without problems. Do not think that this makes it have a low power, because nothing is further from reality: it has 6,000pa. It’s crazy how big it is!

It usually costs around €50but right now is available in the official Xiaomi store on AliExpress for only €29. As we have pointed out, it is in the official store, so you will not have any problems in this regard. Also, you should know that there more than 700 vacuum cleaners like this sold, and that the customer ratings are amazing! What’s more, it has an average grade of 4.4 out of 5. It doesn’t disappoint!

A vacuum cleaner that is worth it

Don’t be fooled by the size of this vacuum cleaner, because it has a power that many others of greater size would envy. He is able to remove dust completely with one click, and it will make you almost forget that vacuuming isn’t always so much fun. Because with this little device it will be.

Limit offer E29 costs today this powerful Xiaomi vacuum cleaner

It weighs just 500 grams, does not have any type of cable and its measurements are very compact. Refering to autonomy, it has up to half an hour of operation on a single charge. Count with one engine so powerful that, even without a brush, it is capable of completely removing all particles on surfaces. Even the smallest and most imperceptible!

In addition, it has a function on and off which is very interesting, because it makes the dust does not accumulate in the mouthpiece when you turn off the terminal. That will mean that nothing escapes, and the environment will be much less charged.

Dispose of two nozzles that you can use both together and separately, and with which you will get great performance. If you have petsit will become your best ally to leave any place free of hair: sofasyour bed, the table, the furniture, the chairs… Everything will be free of dust in just a few minutes.

Get it today at this unique price

This vacuum cleaner is a absolute success, especially at the price it has right now. because for only €29 You will have a small device that you can take anywhere, and with which both your car and your home will always be spotless.

It has fast shippingof only five days, and you will not have to pay added expenses or customs of any kind. Take advantage of the discount, and go for it at a price that almost seems impossible. we leave you in this link the Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner Mini for only €29, don’t miss this opportunity!