MagSage, wireless or cable What is the best way to charge the iPhone?

iPhone 12 Magsafe

Bearing in mind that the brand’s mobiles can be charged wired, wireless or Magsafe, We reveal which is the most appropriate and the one that takes the most care of your battery.

The best and safest option is MagSafe charging

Apple’s MagSafe technology has come with a large number of possibilities for iPhones, especially for those with less autonomy, since it provides greater possibilities for batteries such as charging from wirelessly faster while taking care of your battery.

iPhone 12 Magsafe

The magsafe chargers They have benefits for your battery, such as giving it a longer useful life and taking care of it. This is because these types of chargers come with a NFC chip inside to connect with iPhone and adjust the upload speed. What it does with this is that it reduces the power when the mobile gets too hot and so Protect your components. Although charging is slower than cable charging, it is also more comfortable and takes better care of your battery.

Your load is also safer against possible surges or fluctuations from the electrical network, therefore the possibilities of unprotection in this case are reduced.

In addition, other advantages that the system has MagSafe is that it offers the possibility of charging the iPhone in the car or with portable batteries that remain magnetized.

Wired charging is faster and not bad

Things change as far as loading speed is concerned. Many people will prefer charge iphone on wall because it is the charging system faster and the best known. It is not a bad option either, since it does not damage the battery, if you do it properly, and you will also have your mobile available sooner.

iPhone battery charging

In any case, you should use a original apple charger or a good quality one, with the mfi certification, since these meet the quality standards to work well without affecting the performance of your battery. If you have to change the charger, but you want to save, you can use one of the latter, you can find them at a good price and they work well. Do not use any other because it could damage your battery or even the mobile.

If you have an iPhone lower than the 12 series, this will be your best cargo option in all cases.

And the wireless?

Within the loading options, the least indicated It’s wireless charging. Nothing will happen because you charge your iPhone with it, nor will your mobile be damaged. However, it is the slowest, you cannot use your mobile while it is charging and also it does not take care of your battery as Magsafe does.

Wireless charging of an iPhone

This type of charging allows you to be able to your mobile always available even away from home without having to find a place to charge it. It is not the best option for every day, but it is in specific cases in which you need it.