Major Arcana for the Water signs

The Tarot and Astrology come to us as useful tools that we can take advantage of in our lives. While with one we can find the answers to our questions from the spread of cards, with the other we can find out what the stars have in store for us, based on our horoscope and zodiac sign. There are many ways in which these two tools are related, one of them is referring to a Major Arcana for each sign of the zodiac, if you want to know which is the Arcane for each Water signhere we tell you.

What are the Water signs?

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the signs that make up the Water element, they are the most sensitive of the zodiac, they are easily carried away by feelings and can take everything very personally, so that any comment or offense can hurt them in an impressive way. . They are also introverted, they do not like to attract attention, they prefer to go unnoticed among people, and in this way, find tranquility in your life what do you need. They are homey and kind, they watch over the safety, well-being and integrity of their loved ones, they will always be there for them, to support and listen to them, their dedication is so great that they can neglect themselves to take care of others.

They are intuitive and careful, they do not miss even the smallest detail, for this reason it is difficult to deceive them, although when they are carried away by feelings there is no going back. They usually have sudden mood swings as their emotions change, they can go from happy to sad in a second, and they need understanding people by their side, so that they understand them and do not move away, just as he supports them, he also needs support for. He is a sea ​​of ​​emotions that needs a lot of love.

Water Signs and their Major Arcana

Los Major Arcana They are cards from the Tarot deck that have a close relationship with Astrology, one corresponds to each zodiacal sign, and dictates the quality that each one must develop or the defect that must be left behind to improve and perfect their personality. Cancer is a fragile and moving sign, it has the most unpredictable temperament of the entire zodiac, with it everything is uncertain since it often shows what it is not or does not feel, sometimes it isolates itself from people to seek peace. His letter is the Pope, which makes him understand that he has to have a greater perception of reality, stop isolating himself in his world to face his reality.

Scorpio lives his life with passion and great intensity, he does not hide his feelings and is sincere with the people around him, he clings and fights for what he wants and believes is convenient, this sign has the empress as its Arcanum, which tells him that you have to love without conditions. Pisces is perhaps the most sensitive of all, compassionate and kind, his card is the Sun, which means that he must work to maintain his tranquility, above all.