Meaning of Flowers: 36 Types of Flowers

Did you know that flowers all have special meanings? And that there are flowers for every special occasion?

Flowers are an integral part of the most important events in our lives. They are conspicuously present in them birthdays, funerals, graduations, weddings, etc. Some flowers also have religious meanings.

It is impossible not to be -at least a little- aware of the meanings of certain flowers. Everyone knows that a red rose represents romantic love and no one sends yellow roses in the event of death. However, these meanings do not concern only the roses but also extend to other flowers.

Many people don’t think about the meanings of flowers before giving them. And the people who receive them may not know them and may not understand the hidden message. Do you know, for example, the national flowers of each country?

Check out the different meanings of flowers here to find out what your favorite flower symbolizes:

– L’alstroemeria is a flower that symbolizes the health, prosperity and fortune. It is also the flower of friendship.

– L’amaryllis. This flower represents the splendid beauty. It is also used to represent the qualities that lie behind beauty.

– The anemone, on the negative level, represents the loss of hope and the feeling of having been abandoned. At the level of positive meanings, it symbolizes l’anticipation.

– L’anthurium represents thehospitality. It is also used to symbolize happiness and abundance.

– L’aster symbolizes the patience. He also represents thelove of variety and can also symbolize elegance and the delicacy.

– The bird of paradise represents the joie. It also symbolizes the magnificence and can also be used to indicate a beautiful and exciting anticipation.

– Le bouvardia doubly represents theenthusiasm. It is also used to indicate a great love of life.

– He drops them symbolizes the magnificence and the beauty. Le cala white combines these qualities with the purity and theinnocence associated with the color white and make it a perfect flower for a wedding bouquet.

– The carnation represents the pride and the beauty. The red carnation symbolizes love, pride and admirationthe pink carnation represents the love of a wife or a motherthe purple carnation symbolizes being capricious; the yellow carnation is a sign of disdainof rejection or of disappointment while the white carnation symbolizes theinnocence and thepure love. The lined carnation represents a refusal.

– Chrysanthemum symbolizes the fidelity, optimism, joy et longevity, life expectancy. The red chrysanthemum is a message fromamourthe white chrysanthemum symbolizes thetrue and loyal lovewhile the yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes offended love.

– Daffodil represents theattention and gallantry. It is also a sign of rebirth, new beginning et of eternal life. It can also represent theunmatched love. A single daffodil is a sign of bad luck while a large number of daffodils represents the joie and the happiness.

– Daisy represents theinnocence and the purity. It’s a sign ofloyal love that never….

– Le delphinium symbolizes having a big heart et to be funwhile representing the lightness and the frivolity.

– Freesia symbolizes theinnocence and the thoughtfulness.

– Gardenias symbolize the purity and the candy. They represent theamour secret and are full of joie. These flowers say to whoever receives them: you are adorable.

– The gerbera belongs to the daisy family and as such it also contains the meanings associated with this flower; but it specifically sends a message of gaiety.

– Gladiolus represents the strength of characterthe fact ofto be trustworthy and thehonor. The gladiolus flower represents the act of souvenir.

– Lavender symbolise admiration, loneliness et the beauty whereas the Heather represents the protection and means that our dreams will come true.

– Hyacinth represents a player charactera attitude sportive and an extreme audacity. This flower is also a sign of constance. The blue hyacinths represent the constancethe purple hyacinths sadnessthe reds or the pinks Gamethe white ones beauty and the yolks jealousy.

– Hydrangeas (Hydrangea) symbolize the sincere emotions. These flowers can be used to express gratitude to have been understood. On the negative level, they can symbolize the coldness and the fact of have no heart.

– L’iris represents theeloquence. The purple iris is a symbol of wisdom and of compliments. The blue iris represents the faith and hope. The yellow iris represents the passionwhile the white iris symbolizes the purity.

– Dolphins (Delphinium), of the delphinium family, symbolize the frivolity and the lightness. These flowers also represent thearrogance and the falsity.

– Lilacs symbolize theinnocence and self-confidence of youth. The white lilacs represent humility and innocencethe country lilacs represent the charity and purple lilacs symbolize the first love.

– The lily represents the purity and the refined beauty. The white lily represents the modesty and the virginitythe orange lily symbolizes the passion, the yellow lily represents the gaiety and the muguet represents the candy and the purity of heart. The white trunk lily is the symbol of Virgin Mary.

– The orchid is a symbol of exotic beauty. She represents the refinement, thoughtfulness and the mature charms. It also symbolizes proud and glorious femininity.

– Chinese Peony represent the timidity and the compassion. These flowers can also be used to express theindignation or the shame. They also symbolize a happy lifeand happy marriagea healthy and the prosperity.

– The proteas are a sign of change and of transformation. These flowers represent the challenges and the fact of being full of resources. They are a symbol of diversity and of courage.

– Queen Anne’s lace represent heaven or a sanctuary. These flowers are a symbol of complexity and of delicacy.

– Buttercups symbolize the radiant charm. These flowers mean: you have radiant charm or you are attractive.

– The roses represent theamour in all its forms. Their symbolism varies according to their colors, variety and number.

– Snapdragons represent the grace and the force. The negative connotations of these flowers are the disappointment and the presumption.

– Statice or limonium are a symbol of souvenir. These flowers also represent the sympathy and the hit.

– Wallflowers symbolize the lasting beauty and an happy life. These flowers represent the emotional ties and symbolize the punctuality.

– The sunflowers represent the pure thoughts. They symbolize theadoration and the dedication as well as thecommitment in love. They are, however, also symbols ofpride.

– Sweet peas symbolize the delicate pleasures et bliss. These flowers also represent the departure after a moment of pleasure.

– The tulips are one declaration of love. They also represent the fame and theperfect love.