Meghan Markle’s mother talks about the abuse her daughter has had to suffer with royalty

Meghan Markle's mother talks about the abuse her daughter has had to suffer with royalty

Doria Raglandthe mother of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, gives his opinion for the first time about the abuses his daughter has had to face since she was royal.

The news is made known by some unpublished images in the documentary «harry and meghan“, where childhood photographs of Meghan and her journey from a very young age.

In the documentary the mother of Megan, refers to the suffering his daughter experienced when she decided to establish a relationship with the prince harrybecause there were different abuses that she was faced with.

In the statement the mother begins by stating that: «The last five years have been too hard«, but that the support towards Meghan it has never lacked. And the support is not only towards his daughter, the mother-in-law of prince harry He affirms that he has also supported him, affirming that as soon as he saw him he knew that he was the chosen one, of course also his grandchildren.

«I remember she told me she was dating Prince Harry and no one could know.“, he explains between laughs.

And although I talk about how happy her daughter is with the prince, she also took advantage of the space to explain that fighting racism has not been easyand that receiving his daughter into royalty it was not what they expected.

She also added that facing journalists who offered money to tell her story was also exhausting, and on many occasions she has felt “very insecure and harassed.”

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