Movistar Plus+ changes the name of the soccer and sports channels

Movistar Plus+ changes the name of the soccer and sports channels

There are only a few weeks left before LaLiga finally starts, and that is causing those operators that are going to broadcast their matches to be moving to be prepared when the ball starts rolling. Now that it is clear where we will see football in the 2022/2023 season (at least for now), there are still some things to change to make the experience easier for the viewer. That is what Movistar is doing, which has renamed its sports and football dials. We tell you more about it.

The blue operator has us used to making variations on its dials, both large and more subtle. All these are usually done to give more coherence to the distribution of the channels by the dials, something that always facilitates the user’s navigation through them.

This is how the sports channels of Movistar Plus + remain

As we say, not all the changes are like the ones Movistar carried out a few weeks ago. In this case, the changes have focused especially on the sports and soccer channels that the operator has, something that sounds to preparation for the beginning of the league competition of our country. These channels that have changed have changed in name, although the truth is that they have done so in a fairly subtle way.

If you are a Movistar user, you will remember that last season the LaLiga football channels started first with LaLiga on M+ and then followed by LaLiga on M+ 1. The same thing also happened with the Champions League channels, where the second channel to see this continental competition he carried the number 1. This numbering is different from the one Movistar has, for example, with its Estrenos por M+ channel (dial 11), whose secondary channel has a number 2 instead of a number 1 (Estrenos por M+ 2, dial 12).

In this way, we are going to see in the channel grid how the first football channel there is, which is LaLiga by M+ (dial 52) It will be followed from now on by LaLiga for M+ 2 (dial 53), so the number 1 disappears completely from the name of the LaLiga channels. The same will happen with the channels of the Champions League, since the main channel of this competition (Champions League on M+, dial 56), will now be followed by Champions League on M+ 2 on dial 57. Therefore, the The main channels of LaLiga and the Champions League will be as follows:

  • LaLiga by M+ – Dial 52
  • LaLiga by M+ 2 – Dial 53
  • LaLiga by M+ 3 – Dial 54
  • LaLiga by M+ 4 – Dial 55
  • Champions League by M+ – Dial 56
  • Champions League by M+ 2 – Dial 57
  • Champions League by M+ 3 – Dial 58

Movistar Plus changes the name of the soccer and sports

The same thing that has happened with the channels of both competitions has also happened with the Movistar Plus+ sports channels. Hereinafter, the second sports channel on the platform will be Deportes 2 by M+ (dial 60), and this will be followed by the others that go from 3 to 8. It should be remembered that the channels that go from 4 to 8 are located on dials from 191 to 195.