No time for driving school? With these websites you pass the safe exam

 No time for driving school?  With these websites you pass the safe exam

When it comes to getting our driver’s license these days, it has little to do with what happened just a few years ago. Both the way to examine ourselves, as well as completing the mandatory tests for pass the theoreticalThey have changed substantially.

A few years ago most of us had to go to face-to-face classes at the driving school to take our tests and thus practice for the theoretical. At the same time, we had at our disposal one or several professors to whom we could make any queries that arose. However, at the moment, a good part of this type of task that we are talking about can be carried out comfortably from home.

All this thanks to certain web pages that we find on the internet and that allow us to practice with these tests before introducing ourselves to the mandatory theoretical exam. In this way we can practice at our own pace and whenever we can without having to attend any other place in person. Next, we are going to talk about a series of useful examples of this type that will help you to test your driver’s license more comfortably.

In addition, some of these proposals will help us to practice with some of the official exams that we will have to take at the time, if we are lucky. For all this we only need our computer with a Internet connection and the usual browser. It must be borne in mind that on the internet we can find a huge number of these tests to pass the theoretical exam. However, these pages that we are going to expose you below will allow us to carry them out in an orderly and graphic way, which will surely help many.

DGT official website

It could be said that one of the most popular and used web pages for this type of task is the one proposed by the same DGT. Here we will find some of the tests that have been exposed in the official exams in the past so that we can practice our knowledge and be more prepared for the driver’s license theory. This way we will only have to select the ones that interest us the most to try to solve them as soon as possible.


There is no doubt that the design of this website that we are proposing now is not its strong point. However, it is worth noting that it makes a good amount of content of these characteristics available to us to take the driver’s license test. In addition, here we are going to find multiple help and additional content that will help us prepare for the expected and feared theoric exam.


Another interesting proposal to carry out these tests before presenting ourselves to the theoretical comfortably at home is alltest. In this specific case we are going to find an interesting Web page that offers us a large number of these tests directly from the browser. The only requirement to benefit from all this is that we will have to register for free on said page. Then, we will be able to access all these contents and practice online in a simple and comfortable way. In addition, it presents us with a well-organized and modern design to make us feel more comfortable.