Not content with discounting 25 euros a month, this operator improves its fiber offer

MediaMarkt Adamo Gift Card

This operator in particular never ceases to amaze. If a few days ago we brought you a fiber offer for 1 euro for new customers. Now, in Adamo, Christmas has arrived. for what they wanted keep improving your rates. Specifically, they bring a 150-euro discount on their fiber optic packs.

Although, that is not the only novelty with which he wanted to start the month of December. More than anything, because in addition to the monthly discount that those who contract any of their fiber rates will be able to enjoy, they will also be able to take gift gigabytes or even a MediaMarkt gift card.

Adam’s gifts

In Adamo they do not want to stop surprising users and that is that, after the fiber at 1 euro, they now bring another discount of 150 euros for Christmas. To enjoy this discount it is necessary to get to hire one of its fiber optic packages with fixed and / or mobile from 50 gigabytes. In this way, you can get a discount of 25 euros per month for 6 monthsthat is, 150 euros discount in total.

Although, this promotion of the operator is not infinite. It started today December 1st and ends on January 10, 2023. Although, it is only valid for those who have not hired Adamo in the last three months. But, that is not the only novelty. And it is that, to complete these offers even more, the operator has added a 30-euro MediaMarkt gift card (it has limited units, so it is available while stocks last) and also adds 30 extra gigabytes per month for the mobile throughout the first four-month period of recruitment.

However, in order for you to take those extra gigabytes for your mobile you will have to contract the rates that we will see later at the latest until January 6, 2023.

MediaMarkt Adamo Gift Card

Christmas discount packs

However, not all Adamo rates have these two extra promotions. First of all, only those with 1,000 Mbps will have these promos available. Although, within its catalogue, we only find 6 rates with a discount of 25 euros + 30 gigabytes as a gift + 30 euros as a gift for the MediaMarkt. Therefore, these are the combinations that you should take into account from the operator:

  • For 1,000 Mbps fiber with a 50 GB mobile line, apply and download from 44 to 19 euros.
  • The fiber of 1,000 Mbps with fixed and mobile with 50 GB passes from 50 to 25 euros.
  • Fiber rate of 1,000 Mbps and mobile line with unlimited gigabytes from 54 to 29 euros.
  • In the 1,000 Mbps fiber with fixed and unlimited gigabytes, you download from 60 to 35 euros.
  • Fiber rate with 1,000 Mbps with shared 120 GB mobiles passes from 62 to 37 euros.
  • For 1,000 Mbps fiber with fixed and mobile with 120 GB shared, from 68 to 43 euros.

And finally, we cannot forget the Adamo router that he gives us as a gift. Specifically, the operator will give us and install a router with WiFi 6 at no additional cost, in particular, the amazon eero wifi 6 router that comes with this series of packs that are on sale until January 2023.