Otaku proposes to Jungkook at Frikiplaza and it goes viral on TikTok

Otaku proposes to Jungkook at Frikiplaza and it goes viral on TikTok

btshas a worldwide popularity according to their success as singers of the K-genrePopand is demonstrated by the great love and support of ARMY, with the intention of promoting them all over the world, to be recognized and see their unique talent. However, one of the singers who had a recent birthday is talented and beautiful at the same time, an otaku for no reason asked him to marry her. Jungkook in public in front of the Frikiplaza Monterey with a dramatic entrance.

Through his exciting 25th birthday, Jungkook was promoted around the world, in all 9 countries, showing love for the idol, he was recognized worldwide by his followers, leaving us on one occasion, the case of a brave follower who took advantage of the moment, to ask Jungkook to marry, kneeling in front of everyone and asking for his hand.

which was broadcast on the platform TikTokwhere you can see an otaku-style girl, ask Jungkook to marry him in front of the Frikiplaza in Monterrey, being a scandal, Jungkook’s future wife arrived at an ARMY meeting with everything and a ring to celebrate the birthday of “golden Maknae”.

The act happened, since when placing several promotions of Jungkook, banners, advertisements, dolls among many things, there was a poster of the idol, where his face and body can be seen, with a very elegant suit, where the fan pretended that he proposed to Jungkook with a background song titled “Owner Of You”, being a very funny moment that caused a lot of laughter on social networks, especially when the figure of the idol turned down, accepting his marriage proposal.

Being a moment that Jungkook will never find out for now, but his publicity figure conquered the heart of an otaku girl and now they are engaged.