8 Best Step To Fixed Pokemon Go Snapshot Not Working In Andoid And Iphone

Pokemon Go Snapshot Not Working Android Iphone

Since its first release in 2016, Pokemon Go has gotten several upgrades and new features. This improves the overall game experience. The snapshot feature is one such example. Snapshot enable you to capture Pokemon. However, owing to a flaw, snapshot occasionally stops working on some devices.

The Pokemon Go snapshot isn’t operating due of a bug in Android and iOS that creates the problem. There is a glitch that prohibits you from receiving points or incentives when you take screenshots.

This issue prevents affected Android users from collecting Buddy Hearts and completing Research Tasks that help in taking Pokemon Snapshots. Even if you successfully take a snapshot, the issue stops you from receiving any compensation for it.

This glitch isn’t officially listed on the Pokemon Go Known Issues website, but it doesn’t mean creator Niantic isn’t aware of it.

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How to Fix the Pokemon Go Snapshot not Working in Android

1 Go to Settings in Android

First step is to open the Device Settings page by exit the Pokemon Go app, then go to the device menu and select Settings.

2 Go to the list of apps and Find Pokemon Go

You must navigate to the Programs or Applications option in the device settings, which offers a list of all loaded apps and their settings and find Pokemon Go after you’re on the app list. Then, to access the app’s settings, pick “Pokemon Go App”.

3 Disable storage permission

Open the App and click on the ‘Permissions’ option to open ‘App Permissions’.

4 Launch Pokemon Go

Now you can quit the device settings and launch Pokemon Go. Try to take a snapshot and see if you receive the rewards you should.

How to Fix The Problem in Pokemon Go Snapshot on iPhone

5Open the Pokémon Go application.

If you have already opened the app, shut it, wait 10-20 seconds, and then reopen it then click on the Pokeball Icon in the centre of the game’s display screen.

6Find the Pokemon Icon

Select the Pokémon Icon Then, click on the Pokemon symbol, which will lead you to a menu where you can see all of your captured Pokemon. Now, choose the Pokemon you want to capture a picture of.

7Go to Settings

Swipe up on the Pokémon you wish to catch and go to your iPhone’s Settings menu. Swipe down till you see your Pokémon Go app and check to see if you have authorized the app access to your camera.

8Return to the Game

If you’ve given Pokemon Go permission to use your camera, you may snap a Snapshot of your Pokémon. You may even give it a little posture if you wish.

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