Prince Harry’s strange habit that bothers Meghan Markle

Prince Harry's strange habit that bothers Meghan Markle

Prince Harry performs a daily habit that has not yet been able to leave and that causes a lot of discomfort in Meghan Marklehis wife.

Since his childhood the prince Harry noticed his father’s behaviors King Charles IIIand because he was in his learning stage, he acquired them and continued using them throughout his life, something similar to the royal and family protocols, however, this has caused a problem of coexistence with Meghan Markle.

Despite the fact that his wife has tried to make him see that the habit is causing problems for both of them, he has not been able to quit.

The strange habit was discovered in the documentary «Prince, Son and Heir: Charles at 70«, where the prince spoke of the habit he acquired from his father and still maintains, and despite not being anything serious at all Meghan it bothers her that her husband turns off the lights wherever they are.

It was revealed that the duke of sussex He is a fan of turning off the lights and while this is a good teaching from his father, Meghan He says that he turns off the lights leaving everything in the dark, for this reason he questioned him: «Why do you turn off the lights? You know it’s dark”, to which the prince replies that: “they only need one light, we don’t need six”.

The prince points out that it was his father’s teaching, but his wife lets him know that it is not good, since so much darkness should not be left in the place.

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