Problemón to load the iPhone: iOS 16 ‘burns’

iphone overheating

Previously we told you that even the OPPO vice president harshly criticized this software update, stating that it is the worst version in history of the American company. The community little by little seems to agree with the leader of the Chinese brand after the last error that has appeared.

Your iPhone almost on fire

The first sensations of iOS 16 were quite good on the part of the users, although little by little this idea has been disappearing. Mainly due to the enormous amount of operating problems that compatible iPhones are experiencing and that the vast majority have to do with the drums.

iphone overheating

The most recent issue is specifically related to the iPhone charging, which is not entirely optimal. According to users through their Twitter account, since they installed the iOS 16 version, the smartphone stops when it reaches 80% of energy.

The origin of the problem is an excessive overheating of the iPhone that prevents the charging process from continuing. This has been confirmed by one of the users, known as Rushil, through a screenshot that shows a notification with the following message: “Charging will resume when the iPhone returns to its normal temperature”. Likewise, Rushil jokingly wonders, “What do you expect me to do? Put it in the fridge? This is just a prank and we advise you not to do it if you don’t want to end up destroying your iPhone completely.

Twitter user image

What do they expect me to do? Put it in the freezer? What is normal temperature? iOS 16 needs to chill.

September 27, 2022 • 13:08

Many users are mentioning Apple on Twitter with no response and the community is starting to get on edge. Some even point out that your mobile does not charge while you are watching YouTube regardless of the charge level, since the percentage is frozen without advancing.

Is there a momentary solution?

There is no doubt that the trigger for all these iPhone battery problems is iOS 16. The new update is receiving a lot of criticism and the definitive solution goes through wait for a version from Apple fix this whole situation. Otherwise, there are two alternatives at your fingertips to avoid the failure in the meantime.

iPhone 14

The first one goes through wait for the temperature to return to normal and charge the remaining percentage. However, according to the indications of a Twitter user, it is impossible to charge your iPhone 11 Pro Max with the original charger, but you have to use a low voltage one; while the waiting time until the temperature normalizes is quite long.

The other option goes through revert to a previous version of the operating system, which is not as difficult as it seems. In this way you will not suffer problems with the battery and charging, but in return you will lose all the news that iOS 16 brings, although Apple is a company that does not usually take long to correct errors of this type.