Questions you should ask yourself if you are hesitant to continue your relationship

How much is it worth trying to fix things?

Being in a relationship isn’t as “perfect” as it is in movies or ads. Real love involves going through different stages that require a lot of work and patience; so that both can understand each other and learn to accompany each other without suffocating each other.

If you are in a relationship, it is normal that at some point you wonder if this is a good thing and if it might not be time to separate. Miscommunication, routine, diminished sexual desire or different personal growths are some of the many difficulties to face when time makes things more complicated, even if you have really chosen to be together. How much is it worth trying to make things work?

According to a study carried out by eDarling, 90% of people think that they can still meet the man or the woman of their life; but 53% of women and 46% of men surveyed admit to having already had a relationship without love. Fear of being alone, comfort and routine are among the most chosen causes.

When is it time to part ways? Ask yourself these questions and find out the answer.

1. Does being with her/him somehow make you feel like a better person?

2. Do you spend more time being together than arguing?

3. Do you often feel anxious when you think about your relationship?

4. Do you prefer to spend more time alone or with your friends than with your partners?

5. Do you always want to do activities with your partner?

6. Do you feel like being in a relationship robs you of your freedom?

7. Do you really feel like you when you are with him/her?

8. Can you count on her/him when you feel bad?

9. Do you imagine a future together?

10. If you separated from him/her today, do you think you would miss him/her?

11. If you will lose him/her, what would be your biggest fear?

12. Can you say that you get along well, that you “speak the same language”?

These questions can help you determine the type of relationship you have and think about some aspects you may not have noticed. Maybe you are just going through a tough time or maybe you have already come full circle and now is the time to thank him/her for the experience, internalize it and move on. . Only you know the answer. Give yourself the time and space to listen to what your heart is telling you.