Reveals details about his return with a mysterious character

Reveals details about his return with a mysterious character

According to the route of dead pool 2, with a fatal ending, between the villain of the film and the girl who was his great love who lost her life, raised a lot of expectations towards the fans, to the point of leaving loose ends to be resolved, confirming the arrival of a mysterious character said by a statement TheDirect by saying that someone will return as a surprise.

“Deadpool 3” brings back the brunette actress “Baccarin” which acts as vanessa, unveiling the third installment as an adventure in Marvel Studios, Taking into account the participation of Ryan Reynolds as the protagonist of this universe world at twice the risk.

Baccarin, being interviewed by a fan, with the comments on the return of this third Deadpool production, could return and balance the role of the protagonist and be part of the third installment, to which she responds:

“You know,” the would-be Deadpool 3 actress replied. “To be honest, I have no idea. They are writing the script right now. As a general rule, I am the last to know about things. I’m not even… I wish I had information I could give you. But I really don’t have it. Either way, it would be great to play Vanessa again, I’d be up for playing her again.”

Taking into account that his end ends in Deadpool 2, with the intention of dying in the second installment, but according to certain revelations and the scenes that hid a mysterious role, such as the device of the man from the future, he could change the roles of this production to add Vanessa to his life and bring her back, giving as a great sign for the future of this character:

“I think when we shot the second movie, I just died,” Morena Baccarin explained. And then after they screened it multiple times, they changed that narrative decision to include this new timeline. So I think it’s a good sign that fans want to see the character again in Deadpool 3. To pass or not, of course, it’s not up to me.

At the moment, Deadpool 3 still does not have a release date, but if it is known that Ryan Reynolds, the protagonist of the film, will return to his role as Mercenary with a Mouth in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.