Ryan Tedder Hints At Apparent Duet Between Jennie And BLACKPINK’s Rosé

Ryan Tedder Hints At Apparent Duet Between Jennie And BLACKPINK's Rosé

Looks like the K-Pop girl group’s new album BLACKPINK could include a song duo of Jenny x Rose. Recently, the American singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder talked about BLACKPINK’s comeback album during their interview with the show “good morning america” from ABC.

Ryan Tedder, who had already worked with BLACKPINK, talked about working with Jennie and Rosé when they visited Los Angeles, USA.

All I can confirm is that I worked on BLACKPINK material, I wrote with the girls (Jennie and Rosé). Jennie and Rosé are phenomenal. They are very friendly and very talented.“, said.

I can’t tell you what will come out, but I think a couple of my songs are on the album. From what I’ve been told, and from what I’ve done, I can only say that they are very true to their sound.“, he continued.

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As Jennie and Rosé were the only BLACKPINK members to visit Los Angeles and meet Ryan Tedder, fans speculated that one of the songs on the album would be a duet between the two members. Meanwhile, BLACKPINK’s agency, YG-Entertainmenthas confirmed that the group will be making their comeback in August.

Blackpink is currently in the final stages of recording the new album. After shooting a music video later this month, the group plans to unveil the new songs next month.YG Entertainment said.