Shaking the mobile is a mistake: you can destroy it instantly

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Many users have asked themselves on numerous occasions why their phone it makes noise when moved. An issue that has given a lot to talk about in the community, although we warn you in advance that you should never shake the device if you hear a sound inside it, since it is a component of the phone itself.

This situation has raised her user post on samsung forum, who affirms that his terminal makes a strange sound when he plays and the temperature rises. He further points out that comes from the camera area. A fairly common problem, but one that you should not worry about at all.

Optical stabilization is to blame

The user of the Samsung forum went to the company’s Technical Assistance Service, although they told him that they have not come across never with a similar problem and that since it did not affect the performance of the camera, they could not send it for repair. The employees told him that it would be quite rare for the sensor to break due to that noise that sounds, but in that case they could repair the lens.

It was in the comments of the publication where other users commented on the origin of the sound. Although it is true that some, due to ignorance, point out that perhaps a piece has separated with the heat, but nothing is further from the truth. Mainly because the original fault is the optical stabilizer from the camera itself.

mobile selfie image stabilizer

In fact, if you shake the phone, it is quite likely that you will hear it without having to play or that the device is hot. The difference is that, when the latter occurs, the noise is louder than usual. In this case, it may be due to the structure of the terminal, since the intensity should not be increased just by playing.

If it only beeps when you move it, there’s nothing to worry about, as it doesn’t mean it’s broken or anything like that. It is something that happens to all mobile phones that have an optical stabilizer and in this situation it is very important not to shake it too muchWell, then we could end up breaking this component and considerably reducing the performance of the lens.

How much does it cost to fix a camera

In the event that, by some chance, you have not read our notices or it has happened to you previously, you should know that you can use the camera normally again by going to a repair shop. The problem is that if you do not have a guarantee, you will have to go through the box for it and the cost of repairing the lens is not exactly cheapAlthough it all depends on the phone in question.

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On the Phone House website you can consult the price of fixing the rear camera in various models from different manufacturers. Although it is true that not all appear, but it can be of great help to have an approximate idea of ​​how much it can be worth to you. In this way, you will know if it is better for you to bet on a new smartphone or send it to the workshop.