Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Reveals He’s Close To BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Stray Kids' Bang Chan Reveals He's Close To BLACKPINK's Lisa

The members of stray kids have proven to be very friendly, after declaring their good relations with members of other K-Pop groups, such as TXT, ATEEZ Y IZ*ONE. Nevertheless, bang chan shocked netizens after revealing that he is very close to Lisa of BLACKPINK.

In a recent broadcast of “Chan’s room“, Bang Chan shared details about his friendship with Lisa. The idol revealed that they have been friends for a long time, apparently since before Stray Kids debuted.

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I’m actually very close to Lisa

Because I knew her since she was a trainee“.

Because he was a trainee for 8 years, the artists could have a long time as friends. They both had a friend in common, who brought them closer, Bam Bam of GOT7who is Lisa’s childhood friend, so it’s understandable that his other close friend, Bang Chan, is also close to the “Money“.