Suga and RM shamelessly flirt proving to be the ideal couple

Suga and RM shamelessly flirt proving to be the ideal couple

Suga finally brings out her sassy side with MR in social networks. Esye September 6 Namjoon posted on Instagram some photos from “Entirety”. RM undoubtedly looked very handsome, displaying a visual with a calm aesthetic and beautiful backgrounds.

Even when he was distracted, the idol seemed quite a model, well, apparently the members of ARMY They weren’t the only ones to notice this, Suga also started flirting with RM in the most daring way possible, leaving him a charming comment, to which Namjoon was quick to reply.

Of course, with any interaction between the boys, fans did not hesitate to make the interaction viral. While many are used to the blatant flirtation members of bts, the boys’ new content loves the fandom too much. Especially with one of the most famous ships.

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The popularly known as Namgi or sugamon, is one of the most beloved ships in the fandom. Although this is not the first time that the boys flirt shamelessly, especially Suga, who despite having the most reserved personality of BTS, always manages to flirt with the leader kim namjoon.