Symbolism of the giraffe Meaning

There are different criteria according to which, in the animal kingdom, certain animals reveal their secrets and their symbolism in a much more obvious way than others. The symbolism and meaning of the giraffe is quite obvious because we only have to look at this animal to imagine the values ​​with which we identify it.

An example of what we just said is one of the most obvious physical traits of this animal: its neck. Symbolically, this signals to us that we need to stretch our necks in order to make connections (whether with family, community or at work…). So, the giraffe is a messenger, it pushes us to be ourselves and to try to get as far as possible, according to our abilities. Often, the giraffe can remind us that each of us has remarkable potential to grow and face the different challenges of life. In addition, the giraffe shows us the meaning of effort: we must strive in order to overcome the difficulties that naturally come our way, while maintaining balance.

Another important element of this animal is vision. Due to its long neck (which we have already mentioned) the giraffe can see very far. The gaze of this animal is often fixed on the horizon, which links it to the ability to predict the future, to see further.

Another physical trait that we must mention is the incredible length of the eyelashes that the giraffe possesses. We can consider them as a delicate element and full of sweetness but it is also a symbol of protection. As we said before, the vision of these animals is a main feature of their survival and that is why the eyelashes are a protective element of this important characteristic.

Some keywords related to the giraffe are: vision, beauty, mystery, patience, elegance, intuition, intelligence, perception, protection, discernment, cooperation, gracefulness and l chivalrous spirit.

If we identify with the giraffe, maybe it’s because we possess some of these characteristics like good perception, being sensitive to the information we see, etc. Giraffes, moreover, possess three horns, which represents possessing a third eye and therefore intuition, delicate perception, and a great sense of awareness.

This animal can teach us very valuable lessons and make us realize that certain distractions appearing in our lives are blinding us, when we should be directing our attention in other directions.


The symbolism and meaning of this animal also has something to do with the element of communication. Its neck (and particularly that of males) is an indicator of social status; the stronger, longer and thicker it is, the higher the giraffe’s status in the group. For this reason, this physical characteristic is in itself a form of communication. The neck symbolizes the path between what we consume (not only food but also thoughts), our bodies and energy. This is why we must be able to distinguish healthy decisions from unhealthy ones. Continuing the theme of communication, the giraffe invites us to make our voices heard and, if we have problems communicating effectively, to focus our powers and attention on our neck and throat.

Another important physical trait that giraffes possess is their tongue. Did you know that it can measure up to 50 centimeters? This reminds us that we need to make our voice heard, communicate intelligently so that what we say is heard, whether in work presentations, family gatherings or interviews. A curious characteristic of the giraffe’s tongue is that it is sometimes black, which serves as protection against the sun. This is an additional symbolic element: we must communicate effectively but not make the mistake of talking too much, nor of monopolizing the attention of others.

Did you know that giraffes only need 10-20 minutes of sleep per day? Symbolically speaking, this invites us to make the most of the remedies we have at our disposal. Another example, the giraffe is able to retain water in its body much more efficiently than other animals, such as the camel.

Another remarkable element of this animal is its ability to strategize to get what it needs: one of its favorite foods is the acacia and its long neck allows it to reach this delicious delicacy, but the tree has a defense natural: when it feels threatened, it secretes a substance that gives a bitter taste to its fruits. The giraffe must therefore approach as discreetly and cautiously as possible in order to prevent the tree from secreting this ensime which makes its fruits bitter. The lesson we can learn from this is to approach our goals and objectives as carefully as possible.