Symbolism of the owl Meaning

For the Egyptians, Celts and Hindus, among other cultures, the symbolism and meaning of owls is associated with the fact that this bird was a guardian of the underworld and a protector of death.

In this line, the owl is considered the great manitou of the night and the lord of souls. A common misunderstanding of the meanings of this animal can result in an association between owls and death. We must understand that the owl was honored as a guardian of the spirits and as a link between our planet and others. Some myths indicate that owls accompanied the spirits to the underworld and were responsible for the connection between the physical world and the spiritual world.

If we are aware of the real meaning and the precise symbolism of the owls, we can see that this bird is a fascinating creature and that we must, moreover, pay special attention to its great wisdom.

Here is a small list of the main values ​​associated with this bird: wisdom, mystery, transition, messenger, intelligence, mysticism, protection and secrets.

Native Americans associated the owl with wisdom and considered it the guardian of all classes of knowledge, especially that which might terrify us if revealed to us. This could be due to the fact that this bird is able to cope with very harsh climatic conditions. It can also see during the night and the legends of the native peoples of America made this aspect a very important characteristic of this bird.

Likewise, the cultures of East Africa and the Aboriginal cultures of Australia saw the owl as a messenger of secrets, always steeped in mysticism. During medieval times, in central Europe, owls were considered sorcerers and mages. Since then, it is believed that this bird is from the witch family.

Owls are creatures of the night. This is important to know because the symbolism of nocturnal creatures has concrete philosophical meanings. By combining the symbolism and meanings of this bird with the night, other meanings appear: dreams, shadows, the afterlife, secret knowledge, consciousness…

The message that this bird transmits to us is very important. Owls are pure energy and they communicate using the language of nature, trees, wind, moon, sky, etc. Studying the habitat of this bird is a very good way to understand its language a little better.