Take this Samsung mobile + tablet pack for €280 less

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

In case you didn’t know, the legendary South Korean electronic device company Samsung recently launched its new foldable mobile phone: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. Taking advantage of the pull that this innovative smartphone is having, the company has launched a pack that includes the mobile in question together with one of its best tablets: the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8. Get your pack now that it’s on sale!

On August 22 of this same year, 2022, Samsung launched your most innovative phone: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. With their new folding smartphone on the market, they have now taken the opportunity to launch a promotion where you can get the Z Flip4 and the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab A8which is also one of the highest-end models of the brand.

That is precisely what we are here to talk about today. Let’s see what makes these two devices special:

This is what the Samsung mobile + tablet pack includes

First of all we will talk about the phone and then we will continue mentioning the characteristics of the tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

This smartphone, one of the latest models that Samsung has brought to the market, is also one of the most innovative smartphones that we can currently find available for purchase. And not only because it has that special functionality that makes it stand out from the vast majority of phones from other brands, but because its other features also make it stand out.

For example, your screen endowed with technology AMOLED is of the highest quality with a size of 6.7 inches Y Full HD+ resolution. Or also your drumswhich by having the super fast charging you can charge more than half the charge in less than 30 minutes.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Right now this phone is on sale for a price of around €1,099. However, thanks to the discount included in this pack, you can get it for 20% lessthus going down to €879. Don’t miss the opportunity and save €220 on this latest generation smartphone!

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

The second element included in this Samsung mobile + tablet pack is, indeed, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8.

This tablet will allow you enjoy from movies epic to content from other digital platforms to have a great time. Manufactured and designed thinking about offering you the best and most immersive audiovisual experience, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 it will open your eyes to a new universe of possibilities and entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

With an approximate sale price of €258.51, thanks to the 30% discount that it enjoys in this pack, you can get it for only €181. Do not hesitate and get it today taking advantage of the promotion.

Summary and conclusions

Ultimately, given that it is 2 of the best products what right now samsung has in its catalogue, we believe that it is one of the best opportunities that can exist to get both at considerably lower prices than usual.

Pack Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 + Galaxy Tab A8

Don’t think about it anymore and take here and now this pack valued at €1,357.51 per just €1,078. That’s a savings of almost €300!