Taurus Guardian Angel

Legend has it that Hamabiel extends his arms and exposes to the world the infinite greatness of God Almighty. He is an angel with leafy wings and a green robe, the color of good luck and the hope that is never lost. In the center of his chest, a great glow can be seen from which all his power emanates and his beauty can be appreciated by all heavenly beings.

Very little is said about this incandescent angel of christian mythologybut it is one of the most powerful. Its brilliance brings peace and relief to troubled souls who must struggle day by day to find their way to success. The home, the family and persistence are fundamental aspects for this celestial figure and it is not surprising that for this reason he is the protective angel of the zodiac sign of Taurus.

Activating the sensitivity

Much is said about the difficult temperament of Taurus boys and girls. Warriors, rough, demanding and very demanding, some can become an ordeal when they are in the middle of a conflict. For them, life is quite similar to a war where you have to prevail and avoid being defeated in the crossfire. For this reason, bulls are quite clear in what they aspire to and need the same clarity and loyalty from their loved ones. To lighten them up a bit and bring out their most sensitive side, they have with his angel Hamabiel.

The energy with which this being of light works is pink, symbolizing the beautiful sensitivity of those who go through thousands of daily hardships to be able to stand up. Invoking this angel will help Taurus friends to feel safe in the dark and to moderate his explosive temper a little. This angel is purifying peace and rewards the effort of those who stand firm in the fight against evil. His touch will remind you of all the love you have in the world and will encourage you to continue progressing. We speak of an energetic and heavenly reward.

how to summon

The torch that Hamabiel holds endows men with reason, understanding and purification in the soul. With him you will learn that the material has no value and that everything that happens on the earthly plane cannot be eternal. This will help you accept the losses that fate has prepared for you, which are always the announcement that something good is yet to come. An excellent ritual to invoke this powerful angel is to light a pink candle and place three red flowers in a glass full of water for preservation.

After this you can mentalize it and meditate with it. Talk to him about what is happening to you, pray and enter into a frank dialogue with yourself and with his repairing presence. This will allow you to clarify your ideas and appease your heart. Ask him to help you lighten your temper when there are discomforts. The it will help you calm down, allowing you to think with a cool head and becoming a better person. It will never leave you!