The 10 most beloved Pokémon

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These are the 10 most beloved Pokémon according to an official survey

It may sound crazy to you, but Pokémon is a franchise that has been studied quite a bit to date. With so many pocket monsters that each title offers us, there are not a few players with a scientific spirit who have tried to find out which creatures are the favorites. Luckily, even The Pokémon Company does its own polls. In the last one they did —just before the release of the remake of Perla y Diamante—, these were the official results:

#10 Gengar

This first generation Pokémon is in the top 10 deservedly. Not just for being one of the veterans, but also because it is a Pokémon that has a great design. As if that were not enough, it is still competitive Today, and although it has received some changes over time, we still love Gengar just the way he is.

#9 Gardevoir

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We’re also not surprised that Gardevoir is in the top 10. The ninth position goes to this third-generation Psychic-type Pokémon that won the fairy type from the sixth generation. It has always been a strong Pokémon and a sure asset on any team. Its design is very good, and some even idolize this fairy. One of the most interesting things about this Pokémon is that its design is cubist. Have you ever noticed that in its 2D design you can see two different faces like in a Picasso work?

#8 Rayquaza

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Little can we say about the legendary dragon of the third generation. With their stats It’s hard not to fall in love with him. Of course, it must be recognized that Game Freak went a bit too far with Mega Rayquaza. What else is cool, please?

#7 Garchomp

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At the time, Garchomp was seen as a kind of remix between Salamence and Sharpedo. However, this dragon made a name for itself thanks to its insuperable move set with ground-type attacks and the ability to take the odd hit. His mega evolution was also very popular, especially since the transformation gave him better defensive stats.

#6 Sylveon

funko pop pokemon sylveon

It is the last evolution of Eevee that we know of until now, although it is rumored that the ninth generation could surprise us with a new Eeveelution. This fairy is pretty versatile and earned a place on the team of many players – in some cases, even unseated Gardevoir, which is saying something.

#5 Umbrella

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Introduced in the second generation, we all loved it in Gold and Silver, but we have to admit that we thought it was a bad Pokémon because we didn’t know how to use it. Umbreon is not only pretty, it’s kind of a ‘slow killing machine’. Theirs is not the physical attack or the special, but launch status attacks. A fantastic piece for competitive game and a creature with a design that you really like.

#4 Charizard

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In fourth place is Charizard, one of the most recognizable Pokémon in the entire series. This fire/flying type Pokémon will continue to be one of the favorites no matter how many years go by. Also, many fans were very happy that this creature finally got the dragon type in one of its sixth generation mega-evolutions.

#3 Mimikyu


the pokemon impostor not only is it in the top 3 of the list, but it is that it has managed to position itself in a list in which it is not Pikachu.

If you’ve been playing Pokémon for a while, you’ll know that Game Freak herself releases Pikachu knockoffs in every game. In seventh generation, they made a kind of joke with this fairy/ghost type creature. The lore of the Pokémon is very worked, and at the level of usability, Mimikyu is very good. In case you’re wondering, Mimikyu beat Pikachu 20 places in the poll.

#2 Lucario

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Training Riolu isn’t easy, but when it evolves into Lucario for happiness, the Steel/Fighting-type Jackal becomes a sure thing no matter what your team is like. Lucario has a very successful design and is a Pokémon that has been used by great champions of the Pokémon world to date.

#1 Greninja

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To the surprise of many, the first position is occupied by Greninja, the third evolution of the sixth generation water starter. It is one of the best starters that Pokémon has had in recent years and has gained its fame both for the video game and for anime. It is also a Pokémon that is a bit unbalanced, as its Mutatype hidden ability forced it to withdraw from some competitive tournaments, since it ended forbidding.